You Can Survive A
Nuclear Blast

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    Most Americans do not know how to use warning signs or even recognize them if they occur, other than those that were once given by sirens sounding, which were stopped at the end of the cold war.

Warning Signs!

  • Worsening Crises:

    Consider, for example, the American people started hearing about Iran and its nuclear reactors, after Iraq was conquered. First, it was just rumors...then progressed to newletter stories, internet writings, and other media outlets. The U.S. Government a year ago began to announce that the next foe and threat was Iran. They have to stop their nuclear program. They could convert nuclear reactors used for generating power, electricity, to harvesting the element(s) necessary for making nuclear bombs.

    Then, you started hearing about America either attacking Iran and the rhetoric that justifies such an action; or, Israel, America's ally, doing the deed. The above sets the stage for a "Crisis."

    Coming forward in time to the present, recently certain sources of this Web Site said Putin, the Russian Premier, was in flight to South America, Brazil. In mid-flight, he had the plane change course and head for America. He went promptly to where President Bush was and they had a meeting. White House sources, many, heard Putin screaming at Bush:

    "We have Russian technicians working on nuclear power plants in Iran. If you attack those plants, our people will be killed." Remember! He screamed this at Bush.

    "We will nuke your cities!"

    This is a Worsening Crisis. Notice how it is generated from rumors first; then media stories, and finally the White House announcing we have a problem with Iran and their building nuclear power plants. Stories continued that if Iran persists in this action, they will be attacked and destroyed by either the U.S. or Israeli forces, or both.

  • Weeks, Days, Or Minutes:

    At one time, strategists agreed a nuclear attack or war would begin after days or months as a crisis deepened. If Russia is to attack America, it would not be a sudden attack lunched without any type of furtive warning. The warning would occur by watching Russia via satellites and other intelligence. They would evacuate their cities and machinery to places considered safe from retaliatory nuclear attack by the U.S.

    Lennin said:
    "The primary productive factor of all humanity is the laboring man, the worker. If he survives, we can save everything and restore everything... but we shall perish if we are not able to save him."

    It is felt by strategists that Russia would not launch a nuclear attack on American soil until most of their people and machinery is moved and protected. However, They have large numbers of nuclear blast shelters for their people — America does not! The Russians have first attack weapons that are capable of destroying any of our undefended response weapons or silos that house them. This means they would be using surface or near-surface burst weapons — a means of immediate and deadly radioactive fallout as opposed to Air-Burst, which can circulate for days, weeks, months, and even years decaying high in the air before falling back to earth..

    Because of these conditions, America would not, now, have days to months, but 40 minutes to get to U.S. non-existent shelters. Therefore, the best bet for Americans to survive is to get out of large cities — during a worsening crisis, such as an attack on a belligerent with nuclear weapons, or possibly conventional weapons, destroying Russian technicians. As the crisis deepens or worsens, American citizens need to be ready to get into shelters, which are non-existent; or, build your own.

    Also, many cities are located near strategic points of interest of attack, such as military bases, Air Force runways, and any runway of 7,000 feet.

    You must be prepared to stay in your shelter for at least three to four days or so, leaving only after the radiation subsides somewhat to do a certain amount of necessary work and return so as not to garner too much exposure. Subways don't cut it! Unless you are further in and have gone through several turns and twists in the tunnels. Subways don't have Blast Doors. Otherwise the blast wave effects will not have dissipated enough and will crush and mangle one. Actually, the intense heat from the flash, if one is caught outdoors and doesn't turn, duck and go for immediate cover (ditch, culvert, or just curl into a ball and protect head and eyes away from the flash), this intense heat from the flash can cause the water and blood to boil so rapidly one could explode as does concrete under the same conditions. The skin will definitely literally melt off the body as the body burns from incineration instantly if one is close to ground zero.

    The blast wave will cause lungs to collapse, eardrums to rupture, will hurl debris and people some distances, and have a crushing effect on objects and people.

    Yet, we know of several men at ground zero who survived and for years later were interviewed by various media outlets and examined by medical study teams and these men never had any ill-effects from the nuclear blast, except one. He received a scratch in the small house where they were living at ground zero!

    Depending on how far you are from the blast, plan to stay in your shelter for at least 48 to 72 hours, venturing forth only to do necessary task for short periods of time.

    Consider staying in your shelter for two to three weeks, depending on radioactive fallout and decay and how close you are to the blast. This demands you have a meter for measuring fallout levels. Distance and time are important. As your distance increases from the blast zone and fallout decay hastens with time, you can stay out of your shelter for longer periods of time, until radiation levels drop to safe tolerances.

    You will need food and water, and medicines. Our Government does not store food for such emergencies. There are no "real" plans available out there from the government to FEMA on how to make good use of America's poorly distributed, dwindling stocks of food that is not processed to its citizens. This is raw food we're speaking about folks. And how do Americans use unprocessed foods? Remember what happened to Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005.

    And they had processed foods. But still they did not even know how to use the heaters that came with the MREs. They whined and complained about no hot food. Yet, the food was wholesome, nutritious, and processed. All you had to do was read the instructions if you wanted hot food.

    Be prepared for this type of person to come and take what you've got. What you sacrificed to get and store. Be prepared for the government to order you to share with those who are used to the dole and demand you give them what's yours and then there is little to nothing left for your family. This should not sit well with you reading this who have done what little you can. Be prepared for the guilt trip by the foolish virgins. Work now on your mind and attitude. Steel yourself, physically and mentally, for sights and sounds of hard times. We have been warned this was coming.

    Our Government does not store for a war reserve. Not even a FEMA worker, nor former Civil Defense workers, have instructions on how to best utilize unprocessed foods. These foods are whole grain cereals, especially whole wheat. Fruits and vegetables in their natural state as well as freshly killed meat. These foodstuffs are poorly distributed and no government instructions exist for their workers, and American citizens, on how to best use these foods.

    Brieftly, if you have unprocessed beans, remove them from their plants, clean them and for fast processing, if you have a hand grinder, grind them and others together to make a bean mush. This amalgam takes less water, cooks faster; thus, less fuel which will be in short supply, and they become more digestible.

  • The Attack:

    This is a warning in and of itself — the first nuclear explosion(s), would be a warning in itself to most Americans if they were trained in such an event and could make it to nearby better shelter in time before the giant ICBM's arrive in 15 minutes after the first initial explosions of the Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs) off U.S. coastlines. And they were farther enough away from the SLBM explosions — Of course those at/or near ground zero would be incinerated if not underground in good shelter.

    Another Warning, distant miles from the SLBMs would be:

    • Thunderous sounds of massive explosions.

    • Sudden Electric Power Outage and this would couple to....

    • Most suddenly, communications down! No more telephones, television and radio stations, radios, electric power, unless "hardened." This is the process where electronics are protected from over-surges.

    • Civilian Airport runways 7,000 ft long will be prime targets. They would be used to launch our long-range bombers that need the length for takeoff and return landing. The Stealth Bomber may use shorter runways. But they would be targeted too and this would be part of our retalitory force, besides any missiles that got off the ground.

    If you live near a military installation, get away during the worsening crisis. It is going to be vaporized shortly! This is to cut down on return strikes against the enemy. American cities would suffer terribly if they are in close proximity to the military bases. Then comes the American cities proper, next.

    July 14, 2005, General Zhu Chenghu meeting with foreign journalist said:
    "If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition onto the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons. We will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian. Of course, the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese."

    We have problems with China, Russia, and other countries that have nuclear powers....Pakistan, India, North Korea. And there are elements within those borders just waiting to get at America. Just one nuclear device exploded in the U. S., some believe, will change the way we live forever.

    "On July 15, 2007, the New York Times reported that Russia has suspended its Arms Pack, and has officially notified NATO that it has suspended all obligations to the arms treaty." — Last Trumpet Newsletter, 2007.

Nuclear Explosion

A nuclear explosion will occur as follows. Just knowing this can save your life! The howling wind and overpressures are devastatingly frightening...and deadly.

Living things within ground zero can be turned to carbon and vaporized instantly as the flash intensifies and wanes within seconds.

  • First, The Explosion.[Mushroom Cloud]

  • Simultaneously, a fireball is emitted from the nuclear furnance being generated by the explosion. [FireBall] The flash is generated by the fireball instantly. This immediately releases deadly radiation in the form of intense light and thermal radiation. The fireball radiates infrared light, ultraviolet light, and visible light. At near distances, the light can cause things that are flammable, including people, to burst into flames. The flash energy can range from a fraction of a second to a minute depending upon the tonnage of the weapon. Burst height and the explosion energy.

    "The intense heat will burn exposed personnel at great distances from ground zero, even where the effects of blast and initial nuclear radiation are insignificant. The degree of injury from thermal radiation increases with the size of the weapon, but can be mitigated by weather and terrain. Thermal radiation is primarily a line-of-sight phenomena, so terrain masking can help reduce its effects."—Effects of Nuclear Weapons, Recall these thoughts for when you see the videos below, especially the Playground Scene. However....

  • Your immediate concern is to protect yourself from the thermal (heat) radiation that is traveling at the speed of light. Concurrently with this is light.

        The brilliant flash of light can burn out the retinas of the eyes if looked at. The thermal pulses can burn flesh and set flammables on fire. Thus, if you see a brilliant flash of light — maybe 25 miles away, immediately turn away from it.

        White clothes reflect light and this can protect and/or reduce flash burns where thermal radiation is a hazard. As a crisis worsens, and you work outdoors, wear white shirts and pants, hat and gloves. Or have the gloves on your person to quickly retrieve and put on as you dart for cover.

        The intense flash and thermal radiation is of such intensity, if one is next to a concrete wall or some other rivetment, as shown in the video of Hiroshima, as they are instantly vaporized, the speed of light burns their shadow into the wall.

    Shown are:
    • "Paint on gas holder scorched by the thermal radiation, except where protected by the valve (1.33 miles from ground zero at Hiroshima)."— Glasstone & Dolan, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons.

    • "Flash marks produced by thermal radiation on asphalt of bridge in Hiroshima. Where the railings served as a protrection from the radiation, there were no marks; the length and direction of the 'shadows' indicate the point of the bomb explosion."— Glasstone & Dolan, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons.
      [Shadows Burned Into Asphalt]

  • The Blast comes next. The mechanics of such is that as the explosion expands outward, instantly air is compressed and moves likewise under terrific force. This is the shock wave moving through space initially at ten times the speed of sound. That is 7,939.0 miles per hour to 8,000 miles per hour losing speed and energy as it travels outward from the blast center in the atmosphere. This, of course, varies according to the tonnage, of the bomb's rating the the burst height and energy. One can see why, if caught in such an event, objects would be blown apart, crushed, mangled, bent and twisted, collapsed, and rolled over.

    The shock wave of the blast event separates from the fireball as it expands, traveling initially much faster than sound, slowing to the normal speed. The arrival of the blast wave creates such an overpressure (greater than normal atmospheric pressure) with excessive winds moving outward that a partial vaccum is created. When this passes, stay put!

    For the outward winds will soon rush back in to fill the partial vaccum, creating more havoc and damage. The incoming winds will be several times hurricane force approaching 200 miles per hour. This is still dependent upon the tonnage of the original blast, energy and height of the explosion. The blast wave is the noise of the explosion. Until the nuclear explosion blast wave arrives where you are, there is little to no explosion noise and wind sound through the atmosphere. Press Refresh To Hear The Howling Blast Wind Again.

    This is why the flash caught so many off guard. It was silent. No thunderous, frightening sounds, and as they watched it, then got very hot as the flash effects arrived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many burst into flames. Many vaporized just then. Many with concrete or metal walls behind them left their shadows impregnated forever on those objects that were not blown apart, as they suddenly disappeared. "Temperatures directly below the fireball was 4,000 Celsius. The heat rays left shadows. Ladders, railings, even people left their outline on stone and metal" who were close to the fireball at Hiroshima. "Anyone left in the open was vaporized or turned to carbon in an instant." See Hiroshima video below.

  • Fallout: After the initial radiation (prompt radiation) in the first few seconds, neutrons and gamma rays, are released from the detonation. As the neutrons travel outward from the burst through the air, they collide with molecules in the air and may produce secondary gamma rays. The radioactive byproducts of the exploding bomb, known as residual radiation, produces ionizing radiation including alpha and beta rays. These radioactive decay products starts immediately after the detonation generating alpha and beta rays and more gamma rays. They combined with the pulverized material sucked up into the cloud and come down later as fallout.

    Fallout would start within a few hours of a surface- or near-surface burst. After the blast wave and return wave passes, and your fallout meter (radiation meter) says it is safe outside, you may venture so to make necessary repairs to your shelter or move to better shelter, if possible.

    Avoid this as it can burn you and if inhaled or swallowed can cause illness and death. Stay indoors until a clear signal is given if an Emergency Broadcast Station has been hardened and still up. Your radios can be protected from the induced current from the blast known as Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) by placing them in foil during the worsening crisis. The EMP is present only for less than a second (0.00005: five-one hundred thousandths of a second; varies upon the tonnage of the bomb and other factors previously mentioned), but can cause great damage to electrical and electronic equipment. You can remove the foil and search for information to reinforce your knowledge of what to do.

    If no information is forthcoming, stay in your shelter for 3 or 4 days, venturing out only for necessary reasons, and not very long at that, if (1) your area is far from the nuclear target and (2) your fallout meter registers no dangerous radiation. This keeps you from accumulating too much radiation as it is decaying and dropping down in strength. The reasons for venturing from your shelter at such time of (1) and (2) would be, as given above, if you need to improve your shelter or get to better shelter before fallout comes.

    Plan to be in your fallout shelter for at least a week or a little longer. Make provisions for such. A radiation meter would be expedient under such conditions, and then you would know when to venture out. If the radiation is still present, but dropping fast and lower, you could make short trips out of the shelter as necessary, but only for short periods, as to not garner too much radiation. Better yet, stay put.

    A few inches of air can stop alpha radiation, as paper too. Clothes, hat and gloves can also stop this. Intact skin also. If you happen to be out when the fallout comes, get to shelter quickly and you can remove the fallout by brushing it off the body clothes — but not in the shelter. Be fully clothed and prepared during a worsening crisis.

    Beta and gamma will not be stopped by clothes, air, and paper. Fallout would be precipated from a surface- or near-surface burst. The more the fireball touches the ground, the greater the amount of uplift of pulverized material creating "docking stations" for radioactive particulates to adhere to, creating a greater danger of fallout. A high altitude burst would be of less concern, as the fallout would stay aloft for days, weeks, months, or even years, depending upon various conditions, of which weather would be no less important.

  • Protection From Radiation And Infections and Treatment for Radiation Burns:

    The most important way to protect oneself from penetrating radiation is to use shielding of lead, iron, and water. Also included in this is 5–1/2 feet of wood, 2 feet of earth, 1–1/3 feet of concrete, and 1/2 foot of steel.[Shielding] This would absorb about 99% radiation. Even though they are different sizes, they weigh about the same. They work by either weakening or absorbing the incoming high-intensity initial and residual gamma radiation. A good rule of thumb is "5 minutes to find shelter." Speed is of the utmost in finding shelter. The first few hours dosage received will be more than that received in a contaminated area the rest of the week.

    Any wounds received during the blast must be covered to prevent radioactive particles from entry and germ contamination. Brush off any fallout from skin and hair (earlier we mentioned hat, gloves, and long sleeve shirt and pants).The area of skin burned by beta radiation is treated no different than ordinary burns of first, second, and third degree. Be mindful that your immune system may have been compromised for later if initial radiation was received. And your biochemistry will be more sensitive to infections in the present and later. Therefore be astute to colds and upper respiratory infections.

    Because of this, be extremely careful with personal hygiene practices. However, it was recently noted nationwide that many people do not wash their hands after restroom usage, especially illegal aliens working in the food industry. These practices, if not corrected, can cause severe fulminating infections when handling a radiation beta burn. We suggest to start on antibiotics immediately after this burn and/or colloidal silver as well as colloidal silver solution to be sprayed onto the burn wound area. Also have 1% silver sulfadiazine cream to be applied to the burn. For burns due to the flash and thermal radiation, the above modalities would be applicable.

    To help prevent breakage of the genetic code sugar-phosphate in the genes (a sequence of nucleotides {base-sugar-phosphate} in the DNA), it would be advisable to be on the thiol groups, sulphur to hydrogen bond (S-H), alpha lipoic acid with biotin and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Damage to the body is dependent exposure to radiation and the length of time exposure was experienced. The kidneys and brain have less ability to recover from hard radiation exposure.

    A person who receives 1000 R to 5000 R (roentgen, pronounced as 'Rent'-gen' or 'Runt'-gen': a unit used to measure exposure to ionizing radiation; equivalent whole-body gamma radiation from fallout, roentgens is approximately the same as the numerical value given in rems or rads. Rads:a measure of radiation absorbed dose–"a unit of ionizing radiation that is actually absorbed by living tissues"/ rems: roentgen equivalent man, "a unit of ionizing radiation that has the same biological effects as one rad of X-rays") has such immediate severe neurological damage, dies approximately within 48 hours to 14 days. He dies a "hard death."

    Radiation Sickness:

      As one undergoes the severe stress of a nuclear attack, even though he may receive an acute dose of 100 R to 200 R, a dose that should not kill him, he may subcumb to this radiation because of the privations and multiple stresses which would reduce his ability to fight disease. The high cortisol would reduce his immune response. Thus, the infections he may garner during such a time would cause death because of his reduced ability to fight them. His resistance is down.

      Now is the time; or, during a worsening crisis, to think about veterinarian antibiotics, unless your physician is of similar mindset and will write prescriptions for them. You are going to need antibiotics to combat infections. They are coming! After a large massive nuclear attack, the Americans surviving will be primarily those in rural America. They will need antibiotics too. But, they probably have them already if they live on a farm of some sort or raise cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and goats. You can get them at feed stores. As the crisis deepens, get them and store them in your freezer. Government tests recently showed, when they were emptying their warehouses to replace older stores of antibiotics with new antibiotics, that the old was still potent and only some had a little reduced potency. And this was at room temperature. If you have realistic thoughts on surviving such an attack, you must include antibiotics in your preparations.

    • First Symptoms:

      This will include headache, dizziness, vomiting, and a general sense of malaise. Look for these symptoms to begin several hours after exposure to 100 R to 200 R. The symptoms will begin within 30 minutes or sooner if you have received a fatal dose. You must have a radiation meter. Check online now. Nukalert is an affordable one and easy to use.

      However, a stress attack in a shelter; or, a shelter not ventilated properly can cause headache and the above symptoms if carbon dioxide levels are allowed to rise. Then, with just the headache alone, the patient reacts to his own reactions and panics, thinking he has radiation exposure, and the ensuing stress causes worse problems. Knowing what you are reading now can help you and those around you survive. The meter is important, and you can assure the patients they have not had a fatal dose and what they absorbed will pass, and they will survive. This worry can go on for weeks from one to all symptoms when one is exposed to grave danger. You want an instrument that is dependable for measuring radiation at the outset and as it wanes.

    • Latent Phase:

      After a day or two, initial symptoms recede. Then, radiation sickness known as the latent phase develops. The patient has little or no symptoms. If the patient received a non-fatal dose, this stage may last for two weeks.

    • Final Phase:

      In this phase, the patient of fatal or serious exposure with radiation sickness has compromised immune function. His ciliary cells, or hair like cells, of the lungs can no longer move mucus upward, and he coughs and chokes continuously. His resistance to infections is down. His gastrointestinal tract is compromised, and the victim suffers diarrhea. The skin hemorrhages, as well as the intestinal tract and mouth. Hair loss cinches his excess exposure to radiation, since diarrhea can be from other causes, as sanitation and food preservation will not be too good at this time.

      This final phase generally lasts for one or two months. This is the time you use the antibiotics if you have them. This is a critical phase for radiation sickness. Making it through this — we're not talking about doses of 1000 R to 5000 R — if you prepared, your patient should be fed nourishing meals. However, many will die because after they are on the mend, they do not have the foodstuffs and nutrients to generate the repair needed. At this time, high quality protein is very necessary.


      Many will not make it through this even with the antibiotics. The reason is that the immune system is already somewhat compromised, prior to radiation exposure. Agribusiness and other giant corporations have manipulated those in charge of disseminating information concerning our health such that the immune system is already damaged.

      "...the oil industries used public relations effectively to sell the medical (heart protective) benefits of a diet containing increased amounts of linoleic and linolenic acids, which they called the essential fatty acids.... Journals of medicine and nutrition are now preferred sites for commercial press releases, composed to superficially resemble scientific reports."— Ray Peat's Newsletter November 2007.

      Dr. Peat continues:

      "...the most important issue is to recognize the dangers presented by the intrusion of corporate power into science, especially as it relates to nutrition and medicine, and to consider the implications of the known effects of the PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids, as found in cannola oils, fish oils, etc. — WebMasters) on all of our biological systems.

      "... and the highly unsaturated fatty acid, EPA (as found in fish oils — WebMasters), which is the most immunosuppressive of the fats, strongly inhibits proteolysis in some cells."

      Those cells are the very ones radiation attacks. If they are already weakened....

      "The natural killer (NK) cells and phagocytic cells are two types of cell that are suppressed by PUFA, and they are involved in many kinds of physiological events, not just the killing of tumor cells and virus infected cells."

      And, we might add, there is a influenza pandemic possibly coming soon....

    Those of you who are followers of this ChemBio UpDate and remember the Mechanisms of Depopulation series will recognize what you just read as a subtle method, probably not even understood by the Global Forces and The One World Order bunch, as part of this Mechanism.

    You biochemistry has been weakened. You can take every adaptogen, immunogen, and every vitamin, mineral, and herb in your local health food store — You are not going to overcome what has been done to your biochemistry by the Omega–3s. Unless,

    • You get off them immediately.

    • You start on a little coconut oil daily.

    • Include in your daily diet a little real butter, and...

    • Eat real eggs with real yolks! Or depression from low cholesterol is going to undo your best efforts to survive this Mass Chaos that is now striking at our shores, from which you will not, if ever, extricate yourself. Low cholesterol is also linked to cancer and stroke. In older people, low cholesterol levels may be a harbinger of dementia.—\November 2007.

    • Eat some red meat regularly while you can still get it.

    When The Hell Breaks—and it's coming very soon now—there will be food riots. This has already occurred in China over cooking oil, and now, according to The Daily Reckoning, Friday, November 16, 2007, 1:43 PM, says quoting from Fortune:

    "The price of wheat is up 60% this year, and in Italy they're taking to the streets...the price of pasta, which has jumped about 20% this year for some varieties, touching off a nationwide protest. But the story behind the price hike is a global saga (WebMaster's Emphasis) involving agricultural policies, commodity–market speculation, the growing use of ethanol as an alternative fuel, and Australian drought."

    Elliott Wave Theorist writes in the September, 2005 issue--ahead of their times!
    In another unprecedented leap of lending faith, the banking industry is "opening its doors to a controversial new markete: illegal immigrants. Despite heated political debate in Washington over illegal immigration in the United States, an increasing number of banks are seeing an untapped resource for growing their revenue stream. 'Once you're in the country, and you haven't done anything wrong, the chances of being deported are very slim. Banks are banking on that.'" Talk about a collision course with bear market forces.

    In the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast of November 1, 2007, the Elliott Wave editors follow up on their prescient observations:

    For a glimpse of that collision, fast forward to a news clip forwarded to us by a Williamsburg, Virginia subscriber. The article from the Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.) reveals that "new anti-illegal immigrant policies" are now weakening "an already weak real estate market." Illegal immigrants, who managed to secure 100% financing with "little more than a tax identification number and a pay stub," are now being denied certain public services. As a result, "some immigrant families are walking away from their homes in the middle of the night (WebMaster's Emphasis)."

    One additional aspect of what you have just read is that as the crisis deepens, and with the amount of money the banks are lending to the illegal population, and they default on repaying their notes to the banks, the banks will have no choice but to write off billions of dollars more as losses. They will euphemistically call it "write-downs of loans" in order to cover up the fact that they have lost money that they can never recover.

    Anyone knowing something about money knows that with the billions of dollars, nay, trillions of dollars already gone to dollar hell, the banks have been told by Bernanke that the Fed stands ready to issue them more money. This means you will not be able to buy a loaf of bread for under $50 to $100 or more dollars in the future.

    The American Sentinel, Washington, D. C., Issue #726, November 2007 Edition supports the fact that as things tighten, the movement against illegal aliens gains momentum. People are tired of the great give away and the blunting of American values: "As more and more Americans come to realize both political parties have utterly sold out the country on gaining control of our borders, states and local communities have stepped in to act."

    "Thousands of illegals are leaving states which have begun to enforce the law. This includes Colorado, Georgia, Arizona and Oklahoma. An estimated 100 local communities have also passed ordinances to curtail the abilities of illegals to function in society and exploit services."
    Your WebMasters hope, from what you are reading, you are now stimulated to do something in terms of preparation, and you'd better be ready to protect the little bit that you may gather now in these latter days.

    And recall, as chaos develops, and then deepens, crime will be rampant. This is what The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, November 2007, writes about New York city:

    "The city's renaissance of recent years is suddenly under siege as budget shortfalls are appearing and cuts are being instituted. As the bear market takes full control, the dark side of old New York will emerge."

    Free Radicals In Biology, edited by William Pryor, points out that thiol groups help against radiation damage. We further suggest Glutathione. This helps fight infections. Your WebMasters also suggest:

    • Ginkgo Biloba,
    • Inosine powder,
    • Huperzine A (Hup–A), and
    • Carnosine for the "Chess Knight" of free radicals, the Hydroxyl radical (HO.), produced when ionizing radiation strikes water inside the body tissues.

    Ginkgo, Inosine, and Hup–A help nerve cells regenerate. The thiols with these latter may just help with the neurological damage if it is not too intense and one gets to cover immediately, especially if one received residual radiation damage later.

    In Ray Peat's Newsletter, September 2007, Dr. Peat writes:

    "Neurogenesis in the brain is now not only widely accepted, it is even proposed as a mechanism to explain the therapeutic effects of antidepressants (Santarelli, et al., 2003).

    "Neurogenesis is suppressed by stress, and increased by spontaneous activity, and has a circadian rhythm. Aging and depression both involve a diminished ability to rhythmically lower the production of cortisol. Cell renewal requires a rhythmic decrease in the exposure to cortisol."

    And people under great stress, as would be under a nuclear attack, often develop temporary to permanent cognitive dysfunction. They lose brain cells of the hippocampal region. This area is highly involved in memory and recall. See previous Updates.

    Substantial distance from the nuclear explosion is the best protection from injuries cause by the blast. The injuries from such an explosion are categorize as blast, thermal, or radiation. Initial radiation occurs within the first minute after the detonation and blast. The radiation is of the gamma ray and neutrons. Neutrons can damage cells from actually smashing them. Residual radiation is all radiation generated one minute after the explosion. Gamma and neutron radiation can enter directly into a body.

  • The scenario:

    The best intelligence at one time reported that hundreds of SLBMs and ICBM (air blast/burst) would be used on America in an all out nuclear war. Some of the SLBMs would be exploded high in the atmosphere (100 to 300 miles up) to deliver an Electromagnetic Pulse state which last only seconds to minutes but would disrupt or knock out much U.S military communications that were not "hardened." This would do no harm to persons from blast, thermal, and initial radiation due to its height, unless pacemakers were affected and people dependent upon electricity for life, as electricity would surely go down. Some SLBMs would knock out public power and communications, except Emergency Broadcast Systems that were hardened. Others would take out telephones, televisions and other communications. Some SLBMs would be targeted to strike land based objectives such as Strategic Air Command bases and certain civilian airport runways.

    Current sources report that Iran plans to take out America with one high-altitude EMP burst.

    Then, 15 to 20 minutes or so, ICBMs would be striking cities and other objectives not hit by the SLBMs. Some would be, as the SLBMs, surface-burst and some air-burst, not high altitude burst. The air-burst would be to inflict maximum damage as no terrain would be in the blast wave's path to deflect or dampen it, nor would the prompt (initial) radiation of gamma rays and neutron particulates be absorbed either by the terrain, provided it is not mountainous or hilly. The flash and thermal radiation would be more effective without such terrain. This type of blast is to cause as much damage as possible.

    A surface-burst, or one in which the fireball comes down to the earth, would cause the most residual damage from comparatively immediate greater fallout by pulverizing the earth and flinging dirt and debris aloft such that radioactive particulates combine with it during the explosion and uplift.The radioactive products formed would be alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. This type of burst is not only used against cities, but is also intended to damage the silos that house missles that would be used to return nuclear attacks. The sub-surface burst or crater-type bomb blast are specifically intended to damage missle silos. However, flash, light and thermal radiation from any nuclear blast would be dampened by the terrain and mountaneous areas receiving the blast. Of course, the city receiving such would be anilated, but the surrounding terrain if mountanous would absorb much of the energy of such a nuclear explosion and not have as far reaching effects.

The Rule

Turn....Duck.... and Cover...

    Turn away, duck down, and Seek Cover. Shortly after the flash, the Blast Wave will arrive, initially travelling faster than the speed of sound — in 5 seconds, it travels approximately 1 mile. There is a lot of push behind it. Then, the blast waves slows to about 3 % faster than the normal speed of sound in the air.

    Therefore, after seeing the flash of light, get to cover and stay there for 2 minutes. When the blast wave hits, everything that can be ripped apart will become a flying missile with deadly effects. If nothing happens after 2 minutes, the blast was more than 25 miles away.

Kearny Writes:

"If no blast of sound reaches you in two minutes, you would know that the explosion was over 25 miles away and you would not be hurt by blast effects, unless cut by shattered window glass. After two minutes you can safely leave the best cover in your home and get a radio. Turn the dial to the stations to which you normally listen and try to find information.

"Meanwhile, quickly make preparations to go to the best shelter you and your family can reach within 15 minutes — the probable time interval before the first ICBMs start to (arrive) explode."

Thermal and Blast Wave
This is a major immediate cause of death and injury.
Those Near Ground Zero, Out In The Open,
Will Die By The Tens of Thousands
They Will Be Vaporized Instantly To Carbon Dust
Or Blown Apart

Mechanism of Blast:

    When a nuclear weapon explodes, it generates a blast with heat, radiation, and fallout, whereas a nuclear reactor does not generally explode, as in a bomb detonation. If there is an accident, it could go into a possible meltdown if it loses its core cooling water. Then, it spews out radiation—no blast, shock wave, or thermal radiation. Government studies show a core meltdown could kill thousands of people and cost billions in property damage.

    With the former, however, when the explosion occurs, it will be:
Four Times as Bright as The Sun
    You can't miss it. And because it is so bright, it will burn out or damage the retina of the eyes, causing blindness or blind spots in your eyes for life.

    Therefore, turn away immediately from any blast as such. As the blast unfolds within microseconds, surrounding air is compressed at ground zero and moves outward at 6 - 8 thousand miles per hour, losing energy as it recedes from the blast center, whether exploded above or on the ground.

    Light rays are bent due to the sudden force of the nuclear explosion, and therefore give a slight shimmering to its appearance that is perceived as luminous. It looks like a plane or sheet of smooth glass moving towards you if you are unaware to turn away and duck, and foolish enough to watch in awe. It will probably be the last thing you witness in this life if you don't turn, duck, and go for cover, such as a deep ditch, a short, low concrete wall, if at a distance that allows such an action. Preferably, a nuclear survival shelter.

    The compressed air, moving rapidly outward, creates an immediate vacuum at the blast center; then, a counter wave is produced as air rushes back in—Remember this!

    The second wave gathers debris and dust, along with radioactive particles from the burst, such as alpha and beta rays, and other components of the explosion, according to its composition. Included in this will usually be radioactive iodine (I–131), plutonium–239, and strontium–90.

    The vacuum sucks in and upwards, gathering debris and dust with radioactive materials, creating the well–known stem (plume) of a developing mushroom cloud as it rises. The radioactive particles contaminate the dust and debris. Any dust inhaled can cause problems, even if it is just alpha particles. They don't penetrate the skin, but cause severe problems if inhaled, because they move more slowly through tissue, creating more ionization along their route than a fast beta particle. You want to avoid exposure to all particles, whether by breathing in contaminated dust, or when they fall back to the earth in debris, dust, or rain, and land on your skin. Brush them off as quickly as possible. Have a dust mask or even a wet handkerchief to hang around your mouth and nose portals of entry. Better yet, get a protective mask rated for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC); also some sort of protective suit, such as the two–piece slicker with hood.

    When you turn and duck, go for relatively permanent cover, if immediately nearby. That which will not be displaced easily, like a small concrete revetment, not a brick building that you could be buried in. You want something you can get down behind and lie flat with your head pointing away from the coming blast wave, if possible. Better, find a bomb shelter. But this will be a national disgrace, when it is over, because our government did not build any for its citizens, only for its politicians. Russia, China, much of Europe, and Israel have public bomb shelters for nuclear fallout. You can take your chances by going to the signs pointing to basements in public buildings as "fallout shelters."

    Personally, these are death traps. After the attack has passed, confusion will reign supreme. The "public" shelters are not stocked with water and provisions. They will become, either before or after an attack, packed with people howling with needs. During the attack, you cannot save anyone but your own family. And this entails knowing now what to do and doing it. You don't have time to be giving instructions, as you will see shortly. The specialists, EMTs, doctors, brothers–in–law, persons in authority, etc., who have not prepared for this will get you killed with bad advice. Remember our old friend, "Refugee Diseases," … well, it will rise up here again—you can count on it.

    Subsequently, take a few minutes several times a week or as you go about your work and think through this as to where good cover would be on your route to work, at work, and at home. Since you don't have a bomb shelter at home, a ditch or culvert would be better than being trapped in the open or possibly a refugee camp situation that can rise exponentially to disaster if it is not well stocked with provisions. Run your family through turn, duck, and cover exercises a few minutes several times a week for a week or so. You will be surprised at how fast this sticks in their mind and especially your children. They won't be totally helpless.

    Therefore, the first thing is the flash; turn and duck. Get to cover quickly. Go into a curled-up position, protecting head and eyes with your arms. Then, coming with the flash, is radiation comprised of thermal waves and ionizing gamma and neutron particles. The first can incinerate you, and the others, cause radiation damage to your body as well as cause burns and fires. Stay down! Count to two minutes. This is about the length of time it takes for the blast wave, that will start knocking everything over it can knock over, to reach you. The wave may arrive sooner (2 to 20 seconds) if you are close to the blast center. The return wave will come shortly after the 2 minute wait, stay down and wait for it to pass. Things will be sucked in the opposite direction, depending upon your distance from the wave and distance to ground zero. This can be dangerous.

    When this is over, you have approximately 15 to 20 minutes, often several hours, prior to the fallout, depending on the type of burst it was. It it was a ground or surface burst, look for fallout or rain-out or even snow-out, depending upon weather conditions and wind direction. The moisture in the air around the blast cloud may condense on the pulverized matter sucked up into the atmosphere and rain-out as "black rain." Avoid all. If the burst was an air burst, fallout may be days to weeks to even years.

    You can't miss the fallout from a ground-burst or surface-burst. It's like nothing you have ever seen before! Depending on the bomb or device, particle debris of various colors could fall on you, or a substance like that of popcorn with color. Avoid it.

The Popcorning Effect:

    When a nuclear blast is effected, a fireball is generated and from this instantly comes the flash with radiation, traveling outward at the speed of light. Any particles of dirt, grains of sand, and dust absorb the intense heat so rapidly that they literally explode as if they were popcorn and pop in the surrounding air. This phenomenon becomes air born and even absorbs more thermal radiation which may heat the particulates to 3,000 degrees or more Fahrenheit. When the shock wave breaks off from the fireball and blast winds occur — within seconds — the winds carry the "popcorn" far and wide.

    Unless you have blast doors on your shelter, or a number of turns in the tunnel you may get to or shelter, the winds will carry the popcorn into the shelter to burn the skin and set materials on fire. You can reduce the burn of flesh to practically zero by throwing a towel over the head and other parts of the exposed body. When you see the flash, having cloths, blankets, or towels can be expedited in such a manner given. Even a dust mask to protect from breathing in the hot particles would facilitate matters.

    For burns received, store now in your refrigerator, 1% silver sulfadiazine cream or just colloidal silver to treat burns. The latter should be in a spray container to spray affected parts. Medicines will become in short shrift when this occurs. Infections from burns can be fatal. For this reason, have antibiotics stored in your freezer. Colloidal silver may help too.

Don't bet your life on it!

    There's a lot of colloidal...err...anecdotal stories out there about the silver...and that may be just what they are. Remember! There ain't gonna be any readily available medical teams to help you in a massive nuclear attack.

    We also have an attack coming from the stars. It will be nuclear, radioactive, and electromagnetic pulse delivery systems. See next issue.

    Store the silver in the cooler part of the refrigerator. Shake well when ready to use.

    Radioactive iodine (I–131) may be, and usually is formed, when a nuclear blast occurs. It is also formed in nuclear power plants using uranium–235. Formed along with it are other, lighter atoms of strontium, particularly strontium–90. Other radioactive isotopes are formed also.

    When a nuclear device is detonated, elements that are radioactive are formed that cause radiation sickness—characterized by vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, loss of hair, headaches, white blood cell destruction and hemorrhage. There are certain areas of the body that various radioactive isotopes gather in; the thyroid gland being one. You can't protect against all radioactivity unless you avoid the fallout (and in this case I–131 too) by getting to a bomb shelter or in a center room of your home, preferably a brick house. But, it may explode depending upon how close it is to the thermal pulses of radiation. The water in the concrete, brick, etc. will heat and expand so rapidly, the morter will literally explode!

    The main thing is to avoid fallout from a blast, if you survive the flash, radiation and blast wave. Stay away from windows. If you are far enough from the blast site, depending upon the bomb tonnage (kiloton/megaton), the building may not explode from the thermal effects or the blast wave, but windows can be blown with shards of glass serving as deadly missiles to cut and pierce, inflicting great damage, injury, and death.

For Your Children At School or You At Work In A Building:

    Instruct your children in these matters, Now! This is no joke. Explain carefully to them their way of life may change in the flash of an eye. If in school, when such an event occurs, get under a table, desk, anything that can help protect them for flying debris. Also, cover their head and face with their arms as much as possible and curl into the fetal position. Have their backs to windows and outside walls. Reduce exposure of the body as much as possible. You will have to explain terms to them since our children seem to not know what the fetal position is this day. WOW!

    As the worsening crisis increases, see to it that they have a backpack with emergency food and water. When the explosion, flash, radiation, and blast effects have passed, they will need these provisions. They are not to eat them as school snacks daily, but save them for such an emergency. Canned goods with can opener and water should be carried in the backpack.

    Cell phones will not work, as most other electronic equipment. There will be a small electronic pulse that will induce a current to travel along any metal, "frying" electronic or electric components. If this is a surface- or ground-burst, the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would be localized. But, on the heels of such bursts would be high-altitude bursts from 100 to 300 miles high generating a long EMP over America reaching to parts of Mexico and Canada.

If The Attack Happens As You Are Going/Returning From Work:

  • Get to the ground instantly, behind cover if possible.

  • If a culvert, ditch, depression in ground, even a tree is not quickly accessible, don't look for cover. Drop immediately to the ground and go for the fetal position covering head and face with arms as much as possible. Staying in your car will get you incinerated. The paint outside and inside the vehicle will explode into flames as will upholstry.

  • When the blast has passed, within 2 minutes or less, the return wave will make its appearance at about 200 miles per hour. If you have good cover, stay there. Else, quickly move to better cover if possible. You only have 2 minutes or less. If you were to make it home, get to the safest place in the dwelling, generally a hallway with no windows, if the house is still standing and not on fire.

    You can think about food and water later, but if you prepared and buried some of your protected supplies in an open area that may be free of houses or building falling on it, you will have one developing problem for most, conquered. Another big problem is infections from injuries. They will be ramped-up after such a strike. Have antibiotics stored in a cool place and colloidal silver, until time for burial.

    Also, take potassium iodide to block the thyroid tissues from radioactive iodine, by filling the issues with safe iodine. You cannot take potassium iodide if you are allergic to iodine. You can try kelp.

    Iodine should be consummed as soon as you know an attack is imminent, such as if Russia or China starts moving whole city populations to less probable retaliatory strike areas. The main thing is if you hear entire cities have been evacuated by the respective governments, that is an immediate warning sign we are going to be hit! and we are involved in a worsening crisis of which no extrication is possible. You have about 40 minutes after the cities have been evacuated. Then come the Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs) off our coastal areas followed the giant Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). They will rain down havoc on all American cities!

    In 1979, 140,000 people fled Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Near there, the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant had a reactor accident. Executives of pharmaceutical companies were rousted from their sleep by a government plea for quick help by Jerome Halperin, an FDA official then.

    By 3 a.m., Illinois production lines were producing thousands of bottles of potassium iodide, which were secretly flown by military jet to Harrisburg. Fortunately, the nuclear reactor crisis was brought under control and potassium iodide wasn't needed. Washington policy–makers promised the drug shortage would not happen again.

    That was then, over 23 years ago. Halperin now says that the nation's government still has not stockpiled the drug, even after vowing to do so.

    "Some of us in organizations like the American Thyroid Association have been yelling and screaming for 15 years about this. It seems to me it doesn't make any sense for the U.S. not to have any at all," decries a Cornell University thyroid disease specialist, David Becker. He further says, "The first thing is, there ain't none available."

    A few weeks later, January 7, 2002, the federal government ordered 1.6 million doses of potassium iodide for stockpile in the event of radioactive fallout.

    It might be the greater part of discretion to supply a number of bottles of potassium iodide for each member of your family.

    During the nuclear blast in Japan, during World War II, those Japanese who were eating plenty of sea kelp (seaweed) experienced little or no thyroid problems, especially developing children, from the radiation, some reports claim. Other radiation problems, yes, due to different radioactive substances inhaled or being on the skin for some time. Kelp is a safer source of iodine compared to higher concentrations you may buy, or be dispensed by the government in case of nuclear fallout or a nuclear reactor accident.

    Incidently, a nuclear power plant accident cannot explode like a nuclear bomb, even though it contains more radioactive material than that dropped on Japan. One accident you hear of most is a meltdown if the water that cools the fuel core is lost. The rapidly heating core would melt, burn through the wall or floor of the plant, and release radiation to soil, ground water, or air. In addition to the radioactive isotopes, strontium and iodine, plutonium, krypton, uranium, and xenon would be included, among others.

Russian researcher, Dr. A. A. Rubanovskaya, as reported in the Journal of American Medical Association, November 18, 1962, discovered that pectin can eliminate radiation from the body, especially strontium. She used sunflower seeds as her source of research on pectin. She found the pectin attracted and bound the radiation through the intestinal tract. We find you could use ordinary commercial pectin that is used to make jams and jellies. It does this by absorption, a quality of being assimilated; incorporation, within its matrix, and adsorption, the process whereby there is an adherence of atoms, ions, or molecules, or particles to the surface of another substance.

    Medical World News, July 3, 1964, described kelp being tested in Canada at McGill University. It too acted as a binding component for removing radioactivity, as pectin, from the intestinal tract.

    A compound that has been bane of some scientists, Olestra, the fat–substitute, has been shown to tie up PCBs and dioxin and excrete them in the feces of individuals eating potato chips made with the stuff. The individuals were given packages of chips that contained 30 grams of Olestra every day. Other researchers found that 90 grams removed and lowered blood levels of TCDD, the worst offender of dioxin.—Lancet 99; 354 (9186):1266–7. Dioxin is a byproduct of chlorine many researchers believe facilitates breast and prostate cancer. Olestra may remove atomic fallout from the intestines, should you acquire some.

    Olestra causes in many, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and removes fat–soluble vitamins as well as beta–carotene and other valuable antioxidants, some contend. If you use this, we suggest you hunker down in your private, well–stocked bomb shelter with plenty of toilet paper.

    Yet, another substance that binds with and removes toxins from the intestinal tract is Bentonite Clay Powder (Fuller's Earth), you know, the stuff that was supposed to help weaponize anthrax by aerosolizing the spores during the anthrax scare of October 2001. It may also work well for radioactive substances that are ingested in food, water, or just swallowed dust. It comes in dry powder or liquid form. Oh, too much of this can cause the opposite of Olestra.

    We looked high and low for potassium iodide and found only a few suppliers carrying it when we started announcing you need to have this item in storage in 1993. Since then, our web page and books have stimulated, we are told, many suppliers, and now you can find it in various preparedness centers. When you need it–you won't be able to get it! Remember Three Mile Island near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1979, and Chernobyl in the U.S.S.R. when all available supplies in America disappeared for several months?

    Potassium iodide (PI) has a long shelf life, and is the only US Government approved preventive medicine for radiation sickness in the event of a thermonuclear accident or war. Taken as directed at least 1/2 hour prior to exposure to radiation, it blocks the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid glands of adults, children, and animals. If allergic to iodine in strong doses, try kelp.

    Administer PI orally by pill; instructions included. Obtain potassium iodide (Thyro–Block) from Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center—1–800–866–4876. Another source for a similar preparation (potassium iodate) is Phoenix Systems, Inc.—1–800–272–2346. Also, consider their Gieger counter. You may need it.

    With an economic crisis, the water systems may go down, and if you are treating your own water with iodine, do not use iodine purification neutralizing tablets to remove odor and taste, or activated charcoal. Because, if there is a nuclear attack or nuclear plant accident, and you use iodine before filtering your water through activated charcoal, then you have removed the iodine that could be used for your thyroid protection. Use the iodine after filtering if you have not gotten potassium iodide tablets for such an occurrence, and avoid using neutralizing tablets.

    To assist with radiation damage repair, consider a thiol group. For instance, L–cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, or N–acetyl cysteine. These substances should be available at any health food store. Start now. They also help protect against X–rays and medical scans.

    Packer and others write in Biothiols in Health and Disease, p. 504,
"A recent study examined the effects of 28 days of antioxidant treatment on a variety of blood and urinary parameters in children living in areas affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident who are continuously exposed to low–level radiation (140). Treatment with alpha lipoic acid alone lowered blood peroxidation ['reactions that involve the addition of two atoms of oxygen to a carbon–hydrogen bond,' as in lipid peroxidation or free radical formation—Dictionary of Toxicology, 2nd ed., p. 364] values to the same level seen in non–radiation–exposed children; alpha lipoic acid + vitamin E treatment further lowered blood peroxidation to below–normal values; vitamin E alone was without effect.

"Urinary excretion of radioactive metabolites was also lowered by alpha lipoic acid but not by vitamin E, presumably due to chelation by alpha lipoic acid. Liver and kidney functions were also normalized by alpha lipoic acid treatment."

    Another substance to protect against, or minimize the damage, of ionizing radiation is Aspirin. It protects against radiation's harmful effects of UltraViolet Rays, Gamma Rays, and X-Rays, not to mention Estrogen, Histamine, and Prolactin.

    Also, if a nuclear device is exploded high in the air, at an altitude of 150 to 300 miles, the electromagnetic pulse generated (EMP) can damage anything using electronics. The US government uses fiber optics as opposed to copper wire and electric circuits to shield from this. The wire acts as an antenna absorbing the pulse, but the data carried down fiber optics as light energy is not affected.

    However, automobiles, radios (ham radios included), various appliances such as well–pumps, refrigerators and freezers, and any equipment using 120 volt service can go down. Electric service too.

"In the 1970s government statisticians calculated that, if all electricity were cut off, 30% of the population would dead within a month. Within a year, 80% would be dead. And that was back in the 1970s…now it's worse !"— McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor, August, 1999.

For a Nuclear attack:
  • First the flash (fire–ball). Turn away: Do not look.

  • Second, Duck and Cover (ditch, culvert, or a depression in the ground, etc.). Radiation coming in 2 to 5 seconds. The radiation is being generated by the nuclear fire–ball furnance and will be traveling at the speed of light.

  • Blast wave arrives: 2 minutes from flash.

  • Fallout arrives: 15 to 20 minutes to several hours.

    Know! If you see this: The Mushroom Cloud
    It is Probably too Late For You.

    If the burst is a surface- or near-surface burst, the flash has occurred and as the gasses have expanded out and have now created a partial vaccum, the air rushes back in creating powerful incoming winds such that as the gas, dust and debris, also containing radiation is pulled up creating the rising spindle column or plume. This gas cloud cools as it meets cooler air in the atmosphere, and as it cools, it expands, and that is what gives the Mushroom appearance. Watching this awesome, beautiful formation has wasted valuable life-saving time.

The Psychology

(An Important Part of Your Survival)

    Diarrhea, vomiting, quaking and trembling, and nausea are symptoms of radiation injury. But, they are also symptoms of extreme fear, terror, and anxiety. When one feels he can do nothing for self in a terrible situation, extreme cortisol release from a stress-reaction can result in those immediate symptoms and more. If one has not thought about what he or she will do for a coming nuclear blast in America, the psychological effects can be overwhelming. One goes through a Stress-Response:

    The Stress-Response consists of three phases, steps or actions:
  • The "Alarm" Reaction, also called the "fight or flight" response. It occurs within seconds of a stressor you perceive as dangerous, immediately threatening to your safety, physical and/or psychological.

  • A slower response, but persisting longer after the alarm reaction decreases, known as the Resistance Reaction. This action resists a stressor. The stressor(s) can be fear, terror, or anxiety. And finally...

  • Exhaustion. This is where disease entities make manifest. It can end in death.

    In the Psychology of Survival, Dr. W. Von Greyerz, says terror is contagious under warlike or other widespread calamities. It is "explosively contagious." If humans learn to understand the three stages of stress and thereby know something about what is occurring in their bodies, they are more likely to stay in control and not become ineffective in a nuclear strike or other widespread disasters coming our way.

    With a blast attack such as what we have been describing, the period of isolation and desolation can be horrendous for those unprepared, especially mentally.

    Dr. Von Greyerz writes:
"A rather thoroughgoing return to the principles of self-help has been forced upon us. The personal stocks of clothing and consumers' goods are beginning to run out. Rationing is now almost total and extremely strict.

"Agriculture has been converted still further to the production of vegetable products, and artificial fertilizer no longer exists. The forest have been subject to predatory exploitation, of necessity.

"The stocks of oil are almost used up, and the fuel for both heating and transportation is almost exclusively wood.

"The electric power network is perhaps destroyed. The means of transportaton are worn through lack of spare parts.

"The rationing of food does not satisfy the needs of all for calories.... Because of the vast destruction in towns, it has been necessary to re-billet people, so that in some places up to five times as many are living there as before. Severe hygienic difficulties are reported.... Epidemics cannot be brought under control. Water purification systems break down.

"The police organization and the administration of the courts threaten to collapse. Medical care is wrestling with appalling problems."

    Reading the above immediately tells people they must do something for themselves psychologically and physically. They must now be prepared! The longer one waits, the harder it will be such that when "push comes to shove" it will be so onerous that one will just give up and do nothing.

    The improvident will probably not last for long. They will become a burden upon those who did prepared when times were plentiful — now, they will use up the providents' supplies in short order because they did not go through the work and expense of laying in provisions. What they are eating and using have no meaning to them. They will run through your provisions like "Crap through a Goose!" You'd had better have rules and stick to 'em.

    If chemical and biological weapons are used, especially employing hallucinogenic gas, you have the picture for Dante's Inferno [Flame of Hell] .

    Security is highly interwoven in family ties. These ties are broken during wartime. Families are separated, at least for a time, during a war. A nuclear war throughout America necessitates that families learn now how to survive if they are thrown into Dante's Inferno[Large Flame of Hell] alone.

    Dr. Greyerz continues:

"The family members must seek their social security in other groups than the natural one, the family.

"Most families see their economic security fall to pieces. For private businessmen the outbreak of war may mean economic ruin, and even for wage-earners the economic conditions will be considerably worsened."

    If, as the WebMasters believe, and now others see the West coast will be occupied for a while at the full height of the coming war by Chinese forces. The strains upon society will be horrendous, with this "fortune of war" change.

    Because of the refugee conditions forced upon the American society used to the "dole," and being relocated, peacetime luxuries disappear. A new manditory workforce will come into existence for the wartime effort. Living space will be reallocated to a much smaller area than most Americans are used to. This will generate more stress.

    Those moved will have to share a kitchen, bath and toilet, dining room, and this will most definitely create friction no matter how strong willed one is.

    Hospitals will be moved, deserted, or destroyed altogether. Physicians and nurses will be conscripted into military service or moved to districts deemed necessary by the surviving government until it dissolves. Food will be used as a weapon to make you do what they want you to do! Non-compliance...No Food! They have now become the "riders of the pale horse." — Welcome to The War Society!

    Food quality disappears. Look for unbottled milk. Coffee, tobacco, and tea become hard to find.

    Because of the refugee conditions thrust upon practically everyone, overcrowding and getting used to new surroundings will create, with what was given above, a loss of security. This will probably be the most important factor in mental health.

    However, Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky of Stanford University, writing in Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress–Related Diseases, and Coping, writes:

"When it comes to what makes for psychological stress, a lack of predictability and control are at the top of the list of things you want to avoid."

    When this is loss in your life, as will be in war–torn state, the stress–response and all of its attendant problems go through the roof.

    Under refugee conditions, sanitation is lost and often one of the consequences of such a state are cholera and dysentery.

    The strain on self from overcrowded living conditions, surroundings that are not sanitary, hunger, cold, fatigue, epidemics and isolation are some of the factors that will generate an extreme psychological situation such that suicide will increase.

    The psychology of fear can intensify into terror such that, if a family member exhibits this, they may become (a) indifferent (apathy) and want to die. On the other hand, instead of being "frozen" they exhibit a need for (b) movement that violates common sense of self-preservation. Watch for this in family members. Both conditions can become so violent that they present with a dazed state and a loss of memory. Many people thrown into violent danger to their lives have stated they feel no terror. They need watching.

    Dr. Von Greyerz writes:

"How then can we know when normal fear is about to dissolve into terror? What visible signs can give us reason for intervening to prevent a reaction of terror? What visible signs can give us reason for intervening to prevent a reaction of terror?

  • "The need to talk increases, and

  • "People begin to scream at one another.

    "We meet examples of such reactions daily in connection with traffic accidents. The more a motorist scolds a pedestrian (or, another motorist, the WebMasters might add), the more afraid he is.

  • "When quarrelling we raise our voices, a sign that emotions are beginning to get the better of our ability to control ourselves.

  • "When giggling turns into guffawing, this is a dangerous sign of inner dissolution.

  • "Trembling spreads throughout the body, and trembling knees especially are a serious sign.

  • "The need for bodily movement in general increases. The person walks back and forth, doing un-necessary things — lifting chairs up on a table (etc.) — and if the inner tension increases, the typical running to and from develops, the preparatory stage to pure flight.

  • "Perspiring, pallor, palpitation of the heart, nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea and sometimes involuntary movement of the bowls or the bladder."

    All of this, we might add are the effects of a strong, unrelenting stress-reaction. If you have prepared, you can reassure them, the family can make it through this. You have food, self-protection, and ties with like-minded people. You can given them a cup of warm Chamomile tea to help relax them because you prepared.

    The writers of this document are told by almost countless Christians, if such conditions occur, they will do nothing and let them and their families die. The reason:

    "We're saved and going to Heaven," they exclaim proudly.

    But, "we'll take what supplies you offer," they have told us, until they run out and then go to live with Jesus. Well... I'm not too sure about that. Some, but too few, have suddenly been jolted into awareness when it is pointed out to them...

    "The Bible treats death as the Enemy of God!"

    "Where?" They respond arrogantly.

    "And we're to fight it with all we have," we said.

    And when they are shown chapter and verse, they are more perplexed than ever. Some got busy, however.

[House Did Not Ignite. Blast Got It]The intense heat, about 1 second after the nuclear burst, did not ignite this house, but did cause it to become enveloped with voluminous black smoke. After 2 seconds, the thick smoke ceased. The house was painter with a white exterior finish that reflected the thermal heat pulses and reduce the probability of a fire igniting The windows had placed in them metal venetian white blinds. The roofing material was an off-white (light-gray) cement shingles made of abestos. At that time, asphalt shingles that were black were in vogue. By doing these things, the house These factors made a wood-frame house less apt to ignite, as opposed to a regular wood dwelling of a darker color.

After a few seconds, the blast wave came and totally completely demolished the dwelling. Using a camera with high speed caught the sequence of events shown.

The Third house in the picture to the right is an actual video taken during a nuclear test of a frame house. It is painted white and smokes for about a second and then is hit by the blast wave. It did not ignite.

This video at right illustrates two houses and a building painted white. They belched smoke but did not burst into flames. The blast wave got them. However, if they were much removed, say 25 miles or so from the blast, they would have survived, depending upon the tonnage and energy of the bomb. They certainly would not have burst into flames. Notice the boy mannequin next to the white venetian blinds was protected from bursting into flames, but not protected from the blast effects. You can see the bellowing smoke coming into the room.                                     Press Play To Start

The Effects in The Film That Follows, Should Recall To Mind The Above Discussion of This Document. Watch Carefully Several Times. This Will Help Prepare You As You Use Recall From The Above Discussion:

"The frequency of burn injuries due to a nuclear explosion is exceptionally high. Most of these are flash burns caused by direct exposure to the pulse of thermal radiation, although individuals trapped by spreading fires may be subject to flame burns...persons in buildings or tunnels close to ground zero may be burned by hot gases and dust though they are shielded ... from direct or scattered thermal radiation."— Glasstone & Dolan, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons.

Notice, the young woman in this video went from Flash Burn to Flame Burn until the Blast Wave hit her, about 1 minute later. Burn This Into Your Mind so you can survive.

Remember! As You Watch The Following Video:

There Would Never Have Been an Hiroshima or Nagasakii — Had There Been No Pearl Harbor!

As You can see, some 260 meters from the center blast, some survived.

FallOut Explained


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