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(The End Of An Age )

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    For some years now, many have been speaking about the coming Earth changes; however, for the most part, no one has said what is causing them. There are inherent changes that are always occurring, but those pronounced changes that can reset time will be caused by, and have been caused by, cosmological effects occurring in space. This has been shown to have occurred 46,000 years ago, and even several other times in the past. These Events are cyclical in nature.

    In October 2006, There were 9 x-class flares from the Sun. The peculiar thing is that the Solar Spot activity was relatively benign. This is quite interesting because "...whenever the sun enters a phase with very few sunspots, our cosmic-ray rate increases. This is because the sun's plasma no longer protects the Earth, and more radiation leads to global cooling," The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes, points out. The authors write on pages 180-181:

  • More cosmic rays cause more water vapor to condense into clouds.
  • More clouds block more incoming sunlight. The weather gets cooler.
  • More clouds form larger and more violent storms. The climate becomes colder.
  • More storms produce more rain and snow. Temperatures drop.
  • More snow reflects more light energy to space. The atmosphere turns colder.
  • More cold water and ice enter the ocean. The climate grows even colder.

    The cosmic ray process does not produce a sudden or severe cooling as a supernova, a star exploding or imploding. But, this may be why many areas had such terrible winters in 2007.

    The discussion which follows is highly simplified in terms of technical aspects, but sufficient for understanding for what is to occur in the not-too-distant future.

    A lot of ancient writers believe precursor events will signal when the ‘Precession Ends' that our solar system is now going through. This 26, 000 year precession ends December 21, 2012. This begins the ‘Age of Aquarius.' The precession is the process whereby an imaginary line goes through North to South poles and draws a circle through the zodiac as the Earth goes through its rotations in space. It inscribes a 26,000 year precession. This ‘Event' is well-marked on all kinds of ancient calendars for the end of the precession.

    It is believed there will be numerous effects on our planet as well as in our solar system. They will include strong gravitational effects, dark energy and dark matter, all pulling on our galaxy and affecting Earth.

    However, during this time of 2008 through 2016, our solar system will be entering and going through what is called by ancients, The Galactic Plane, The Dark Rift, The Central Plane or The Galactic Equinox. The exact time cannot be predicted by science.The Galactic Plane is the disk formed by the stars, dust, planets, debris, etc. in our galaxy. The Firefly Encyclopedia of Astronomy writes, "...and follows a line running more or less through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy," page 161.

    Our solar system is moving up and down, inscribing somewhat of a sine wave throughout one of the outer arms of our spiral galaxy, the Milky Way. This is a natural occurrence. Situated within the middle plane of all the spiral arms, radially extending from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is a strong force caused by the centrally located spinning black hole. This force is the strongest and exerts powerful influences throughout the galaxy but most strongly at a radial line extending linearly from the center of the galaxy towards the spiral arms that lie within this designated radius. We are approaching this area now. The solar system has gone through this several times in its history over thousands of years.

    This densest portion of gravity pull effected from the center of the spiral galaxy radially extended to its spiral arms is known as The Galactic Plane. We are now approaching this Galactic Plane. Sometime between 2008 and 2016, we will have gone through it and our earth will be changed from what you know it now as!

    The Earth and its sun with the other planets of this solar system, have been passing through the galactic or spiral arm for millions of years. But, of later cosmological time, the Earth has been moving from the outer edges of the spiral arm. We have been approaching this densest field of gravity portion for some time now, especially within the past several years, with increasing weather changes. In the immediate future, not too distant, we will witness:

  • Increased Windstorms with increasing intensity
  • Increased Tornadoes with increasing intensity
  • Increased Snow, Ice, Rain with increasing intensity
  • Increased Floods with increasing intensity
  • Increased Volcanic Activity with increasing intensity
  • Increased Earthquakes with increasing intensity
  • Increased thunder with increasing intensity...its blast wave will knock things over. It will be unbelievable.

    You will begin to see "Signs In The Sky," unlike anything that modern man has ever witnessed in his history. But early man, such as the ancestors of the Hopi tribes, the Paleo-Indians, the early people of Taiwan and many others, witnessed these devastating effects that destroyed them and their way of life. To see these ‘Signs' will be interesting. They will be:

  • Increased Meteor Showers with increasing intensity and deadly effects when they come in at 3,000 to 4,000 mph and as more make it through the atmosphere en masse, striking cities, towns, villages, burning and leveling them in a matter of minutes to hours, causing forest and great plain fires. The aftereffects will cause a nuclear-type winter, ushering in a new cold ice age–so much for global warming.
  • Increased Temperature such that at 120 degrees outside, the air conditioner will only lower the temperature to an indoor unbearable 95 degrees.
  • The Glaciers will melt during this and flood most of the Earth's sea shores with devastating effects, such as famine and washouts. And when the ‘big freeze' comes again, Ice masses will be where there were none in 46,000 years.

    As we penetrate the densest portion of the Galactic Plane, we will experience the full gravitational effects. We may witness unprecedented solar flares, unexpected meteors and one or more geographical pole shifts. There may also be a magnetic pole shift. Even the Holy Bible writes of this possibility in modern man's future:
Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.– Isaiah 24:1

    This is a Pole Shift in no uncertain terms! Paleo-Indians had their Shamans and we have our 'religious' and a Bible to say the same thing. Each man that came on Earth from archeological records, legends, and records from peoples long gone, was told similar if he did not adjust his ways. This is exactly what has happened in the distant past long before Isaiah came on the scene, and now, he too, is writing of similar events. Everything was laid bare and to waste. Time was reset. Those few who survived, did so with little to nothing. They had to start over.


    Planets and the Sun slowly wander among the zodiac. People thought these planets are associated with gods. Early people even thought these planets or stars were gods themselves. Amazing properties were given to these planets and stars as to where Mars, or other planets were, as well as the Sun, when you were born.

    This is the basis of astrology: That the position of the planets and stars affects your entire life. It is an interesting thought, but it doesn't bear up to scientific scrutiny. There has never been shown any influences of the planets and stars on how people's lives turn out. Treat your horoscope as entertainment ..nothing more. Astrology, incidently, missed one of the constellations used in their predictions. This being so, then how confident can you be in their predictions? The missed constellation is Ophiuchus. It is not a member of the tropical zodiac used by astrologers. This is a big source of contention among them.

    In fact, Acts 19 says to avoid those things and burn those books. One of Newton's laws does point out that every body in the universe affects every other body. However, the effects can be too small to make a difference in one's life. But, the time is coming...– Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy, 2nd edition, Part 1, Lecture 7. The Teaching Company Great Courses, 2006.

    The Earth would be changed cataclysmically and man would be punished severely. It further seems that as long as man has been on Earth, he has always had warnings from Shamans and others, and after he was reduced in population for error, then came a "new" man who, from six thousand years ago, also warned him of "errors" in his ways. At least, this is what man long gone felt, and now, what modern religious contend. This was early man's way of describing the events in the sky which he had little understanding of. It appears many in the modern world feel similar, and we have the convenience of modern physics, mathematics, and cosmology. Much of these things occur cyclically. Many of you can feel it– something wonderful and something terrible is about to happen. The interesting thing is: Man long gone...and now modern man all utter the same thing, change or suffer the consequences! Jeremiah 5:30 (KJV) says it this way: "A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; {A wonderful...: or, Astonishment and filthiness}"

    Nevertheless, regardless of one's belief system, if there is a geographic pole shift, the alignment of planet Earth to the Sun would change. The Sun would rise in the West instead of the East or the North or the South, referenced in regard to where we sit on the planet now. This would change everything. Weather patterns, migratory patterns and when to plant or not plant because the blooming of plants biologically would change on the planet. Continents would move over continents or into the ocean; or be swallowed up if two plates in-folded taking the continent to a thousand feet below or even ten thousand feet below the earth.

    When this happened in the past, it was absolutely chaotic. There were massive volcanoes, tectonic plate shifts, huge tidal waves from 4,000 to 6,000 feet high. This has happened in the past and there are records that confirmed it to be so. However, life is resilient. It would survive, but time would be reset to zero again.

    These Events occur suddenly in time and not over millions of years. It can happen over weeks and months. But, we do want to be apprised of such Events and we are now moving toward another one sometime between 2008 and 2016. Humanity, not all, only about 8 to 10 percent will make it safely to the mountains and caves. They will eventually begin to repopulate the Earth, but not with all their tools and "boom-boxes," and rudeness.

    Ninety percent of the U.S. population lives within 20 miles of the coast. It would not take much to devastate this life with a 4 to 6-thousand foot wave traveling at 400 to 500 mph. A geographical pole shift would bunch up the oceans and then cause such a thing when it released its energy in massive tidal waves.

    Most of the rest of the world's population lives on or near their coastlines too. Even a small, several hundred feet high, continuous tidal wave bouncing from America moving to Europe and Northern Africa would set off huge underwater landslides when the waves arrive from America, and those gigantic slides on the North African coast would cause huge tsunamis which would bounce back to America and the Northern portion of South America, generating even more tsunamis. This would continue until the energy of the bouncing waves from one continent to another was drained down. In the meantime, 90 percent of the population of this country would be eliminated, as in most other countries. Cities will be wiped off the face of the Earth in a matter of minutes to hours and days.

    When this happened in the past, due to geographical pole shifts; or, if an asteroid–a big rock, or a comet, a giant snowball of ice and dust, struck out in the ocean, the only sign given far away was perplexing to man at that time, if he chanced to see it. Even now, people run to the shore line to look at the peculiar phenomena:
Almost suddenly, the coast line where a giant tsunami is about to strike, becomes bare of water. The tide goes way out, such that one can see the sandy bottom and mud flats with pools of water and possible trapped fishes in them floundering about.

    If one stands around and gapes at this, and does not move immediately to high ground, he is sure to be inundated and swept out to sea. This happened recently in Asia and only one or two persons who knew the signs were saved because they immediately moved to higher ground.

    You don't have time to warn others. By the time they wait for confirmation that it is so, they will be flooded, drowned and swept out to sea and you along with them. Whole villages disappeared almost instantly when this happened recently in Asia. The 2004 Asian tsunami from the Indian Ocean killed 287,000 people.

    Be advised, Earth will not be alone in this change. All planets of our solar system will feel the effects of The Dark Plane as well as be affected by our solar system moving into the Densest Portion of the spiral arm. Our solar system moves through this region periodically over a great time span. This region is heavily packed with stars, especially those that go supernova, Type II. We are now approaching this area. We will see "Signs in the Sky." It will be terrifying, as it was to the Paleo-Indians. Visible ‘stuff ' from other planets undergoing travail may be hurled in our direction, causing incalculable problems. Much stuff that is and will be happening can't even be seen.

    As you read this, several planets are experiencing global warming. Saturn, for instance, has changed 30 percent. If this had occurred on the Earth, all life as we know it would be gone.

    "Our planet is under threat. Our mission is to stay alive." Meteor Crater in Arizona happened about 49,000 years ago. An asteroid hit the area and scientists, including geologist Jeff Wynn of the United States Geological Survey, think this could and will happen again...soon. In an instant when it hit, devastation occurred at the impact site and for miles around to any life form.

    There are plenty of giant rocks left in our solar system. Asteroids are remnants of planets left that were blown out of existence from the variable dangers of space. Jupiter has taken the blunt of these asteroids and hence reduced in number and size many of the giant rocks, but there are some large ones left, various scientists contend...and they may come to Earth.

    The Earth has been pounded in the past, and now since we are in space, we can see the Carolina Bays were created from this pounding. It is hard to miss Meteor Crater, as well as the 1908 blast in Siberia, where an entire forest was laid to waste. Saudi Arabia had an impact in 1933. In 1972, a large comet was caught on camera in Canada. It was a near miss; it flew back out into space. Had it hit, the explosion would have been more than that of a nuclear bomb. We are under attack and it grows worse as we approach the Galactic Plane and the Densest Portion of the spiral arm of our galaxy that we are moving through.

    Following the upheaval of gravitational fields, unexpected solar objects may pass through our solar system. Some will hit the Earth, and cause huge continental devastation and worse if an asteroid(s) hits the ocean(s). This can generate a series of giant tsunamis 400 to 6000 feet high bouncing from one continent to another, wiping out for hundreds of miles, inland coastal areas.

    The gravitation field of the Galactic Plane can cause solar-like winds to behave like steering currents on comets and other objects to be pushed into Earth's gravitational plane and bring them crashing down to the planet with devastating effects. These giant snowballs would slam into the earth with the force of a dozen nuclear bombs going off at once. Into the ocean, you have already seen what would happen.

    Just one about the size of a small village in Europe broadsiding the earth near one of the poles could change our geographical poles from North To South in a matter of minutes to hours. This has happened in the past; not once, but several times. Or, cause such change, that the equatorial belt runs across the lower part of the U.S. or what's left of it and other continents.

    New continents may arise or others, evidence shows, sink beneath the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Some continents may enfold on themselves and disappear as the two places come together in implode dropping down a 1000 feet or even 10,000 feet below the oceans.

    We have been discussing the Dark Rift or Galactic Plane, but we also have at this time another very potential problem developing. Not only are we (our solar system) moving into the Dark Rift, the densest portion of the galactic pull on solar bodies, but we are now moving into the Densest Portion of the Spiral Arm where the most concentrated red supergiants (massive stars at least 8 time the mass of the sun) are. They tend to go supernova. Type II Supernova. These tend to form, after a gigantic explosion, a neutron star or a Black Hole. A highly concentrated area of matter such that its gravity won't even let light escape. Anything coming near it is sucked into it. It is about the size of a "pea!" (Cosmos: A Field Guide writes: "...a 'supermassive' black hole could contain the mass of several million Suns in a space smaller than the orbit of the Earth.")

     The Stellar object has collapsed to a single object known as a "Singularity." Type I Supernova are observed in all galaxies. But type II are limited to the very "dense or star-packed regions of the arms of the spiral galaxies, such as our Milky Way. Because type II supernovae are so violently explosive, they present a grave and severe threat to every star system close to them. The sun and Earth move around in the galaxy independently of other star clusters, with the result that for the last few millions years, we have been passing through a galactic arm."–The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes, Firestone, West, Warwick-Smith.

They further write:
"This motion has brought us into one of the most dangerous supernova-producing regions of our entire galaxy."

    In order to survive this, let us first understand some of the problems of this type supernova. But first, let's bring it all together in terms of the two major problems now racing towards us from out of space, generating problems from within, on and from without:
  • The Galactic Plane/Dark Rift
  • Type II Supernova

    The events resulting from this will bring to mind the Biblical statement, "And in those days, no one would survive, lest the days be shortened."


    A cosmic catastrophe occurred in our past. The most recent was The Event, as it has come to be called by some. It consists of three occurrences: The Radiation Flash, The Shock Wave, and The Debris Wave.

The Radiation Flash:

    Forty-one thousand (41,000) years ago, this catastrophe from space struck the Earth. Three terrible Events happened that erased practically all life, man, plant, animals, including the fish in the sea, from the planet.

    A giant red star close to our solar system exploded. This first projected a flash of radiation that caused unparalleled mass extinction in Southeast Asia and Australia. The human race in those areas was almost exterminated. They were warned by the strong smell of ozone being produced. But with no experience with this, they looked for a physical enemy. They became even more confused when the sky lit up with electrical effects. Still no physical enemy could be ascertained. Their best warriors could not ascertain the enemy. Shortly, the intense incoming radiation went through their brains and bodies at almost the speed of light. Some dropped where they were; others made it to the caves and overhangs, only to sicken and die with radiation poisoning later. Others lived, but eventually developed no appetite, became nauseous, lost hair, and developed indifference. Their population, according to records they left, went down to next to nothing. Records from history show that whenever overpopulation occurs, this generates near extinction or depopulation.

    The people that lived from the radiation flash 41,000 years ago became sterile and population growth immediately began to drop. Births that occurred produced genetic damage.

    But not all was bad. This supernova burst of radiation that reached the Earth created a burst of mutations in the surviving humans that led to an increase in the brain case, along with its contents. Man started producing music, art, and became more reflective and creative.

    The rest of the world was rather sheltered from the radiation as it came to the Earth from the Northeastern Hemisphere.

The Shock-Wave:

    Thirty-four thousand years ago (34,000), the second part of the supernova explosion, the shock wave portion, hit the earth. The first shock wave comparatively did not disturb the Earth– It was rather unnoticed. Nothing happened, such that the inhabitants of the Earth would have become alarmed. Nothing heavy plummeted to the planet. They may have noticed a large array of ‘shooting' stars coming into the high, rarefied air. They were caused by ions and small particles, all heavily laced with near to microscopic iron. This cosmic castoff from the supernova with cosmic substances in the cosmos were pushed onto Earth. These toxic radioactive particles would later cause havoc.

    Shooting stars have always been somewhat of a herald, an implication of something bad about to happen. It probably came about because it was passed on from stories that before the planet dried up, the sky was suffused with ‘shooting' stars. Incoming debris blew a hole in the ozone layer and the Earth's inhabitants did not know that, since radiation was creeping higher with increasing levels of unannounced rays of cosmic origin.

    What they did notice was that they had to cover themselves more because of the increasing sunburns that did not seem to heal. They noticed too, the animals and plants that were not too healthy, sickened and died. The cosmic rays not only injured the weak strata of animal and plant life, but the healthy ones also suffered.

    Occasionally, the high-speed shock wave knocked out of their respective orbits, comets and asteroids. This did create a real show high in the altitudes. The larger portions that made it to Earth did so with an explosive announcement when they struck ice caps, land and the oceans. Tsunamis occurred from the latter.

    The explosions were of such magnitude it can be compared to nuclear bombs detonating, with results destroying the American Camel, the American Horse, Bison, and Mammoth herds along with Sabre-tooth tigers as well as the Dire Wolf, a rather huge animal.

    Man, animals, and plants suffered with radiation sickness. Mutations occurred. Tests of archeological finds show that man then had one blood type: O, some 100,000 to 40,000 years hence. After the supernova influence, humans started showing up with blood types A and B; and O continue to express itself also.

    Blood types A or B did not exist thousands of years ago. According to some scientists, if we possess those blood types, we are "blood brothers/sisters" to a supernova in the not too distant past. God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

The Debris-Wave:

    Eleven to sixteen thousand years ago (11-16,000), the third wave of the supernova moved into our solar system, carrying with it radioactive/non-radioactive and blistering hot particles from the blast. This wave consisted of the blast or shock wave that had collected space debris and star stuff. Asteroid strikes, along with meteors and comets careened down on the Earth, wreaking destruction. Those who fled to caves and deep overhangs, it appears, survived!

    Landscapes were changed almost instantly to overnight. Trees, plants, and animals were caught in a terrifying superheated air bubble expanding outward at 1000 miles per hour. Everything in its path was seared or burned. Giant snowballs superheated as they passed through the atmosphere and often exploded before impact. This created a hail of mountain-sized chunks of debris as well as finite spherules, coming in a 45 degree angle from 3,000 to 4,000 miles per hour, devastating anything living in its path.

    The microscopic to mega impacts caused the ground to shake. Trees fell, mountains moved, fissures opened and the earth quaked. The impacts created nuclear blast waves that created a superheated bubble. As the air pushed out, it created a near vacuum, whereby anyone hiding in a cave was left gasping for air. The air he received seared his lungs. The air became thin and anything caught in the blast that was granular or microscopic was projected at enormous speeds into animal and plant life.

    Anything lying on the ground unsecured was seen to mysteriously jump and quiver erratically, as if possessed by unseen forces, when it was finite grains coming in from space at terrific force and speed causing the movement as if from an invisible hand.

    As the air rushed back into the vacuum, the immense surge caused an up-draft, carrying with it smoke, debris, dust, burning embers and microscopic granular particulates that blocked the sunlight from reaching the Earth for a while.


This may be the basis for the "Three-Days Darkness" prophesied by early Church Saints for our time. One of the things these saints cautioned against was not to go outside, as it would result in instant death. In fact, some even said, don't even look out your windows. Have them draped.

    This updraft of air caused a downdraft of super frigid air with temperatures ranging from 150 degrees below zero. This would hit the Earth and spread out in all directions, flash-freezing anything in reach within seconds. Everything went from hot to cold in zero wait state, ending life for millions of plants and animals. Still more was to come to the Earth.

    But first, to better understand the following, take a microwave proof cup; fill it with water. Bring it to a boil in the microwave oven. Remove the boiling water from the oven and sit the cup in the sink. Take a tea bag and carefully dunk it into the water that has now stopped boiling, leaning away from it as you do. The water will often boil over or even in some cases explode. This has caused serious injury to unsuspecting users.

    The same happens to the sun when a chunk of large space debris doesn't get burned up and plunges into the sun's surface. It causes nuclear explosions with resulting cosmic radiation and solar blasts and flares heading out into space. This space can be in Earth's direction and has been so in the past.

    Due to what has happened to the immediate heavens from the Supernova type II, debris is everywhere in space and many rocks naturally in orbit from planet(s) blown up long ago has formed the asteroid belt. The vast majority of asteroids are found in this belt between Mars and Jupiter. Some of the huge as well as smaller chunks of rocks will be directed not only to the other planets and Earth, but also to the sun, with devastating results on Earth.

    We also have the Kuiper belt composed of millions of comet nuclei and the Oort Cloud with a least a trillion comets. The Kuiper belt is composed of small bodies of ice similar in shape and size of asteroids. It stretches one light day from the orbit of Neptune to the Sun. The major components in this belt are Pluto and 'Xena.' Oort is a spherical cloud or shell that contains the Solar System. At any time, a strong gravitational field could slingshot one or more toward our Sun with one or more striking the Earth.

    The planet Earth may, for the first time in our age, actually see and feel the effects of The Death Star or Nemesis. It is considered that most stars, such as ours--the Sun--have a binary star system. Though we have never seen or experienced the effects of such, theorists feel that if it does exists, its orbit would be so slow that no gravitational clues would point to its location. Nemesis may be lurking anywhere in the heavens and make its presence seen and/or felt at the end of an Age.

    We will truly be witnessing, early in this– for those who do not perish immediately, and later for those still surviving--"There will be signs in the sky."

    But not all signs will be in the heavens, there will be even more signs on the Earth. The magnetic pole may quiver and changes as stated earlier, such that migrations will be interrupted and animals, along with fish and fowl will be disrupted and move directly into harm's way, ending practically whole species in the blink of an eye.

With the north magnetic pole quivering and wandering, an incoming solar blast, bringing with it assault after assault of waves of cosmic rays, exposing plant and animal life to harmful radiation as the magnetic field wanes and waxes. This is because the magnetic field is weakened in areas, and the magnetic field is what protects us from radiation in its extreme. As the third wave progresses, snow may fall in North Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean, as it did thousands of years ago. The rains that come will at first be considered a good omen, since everyone knows it will wash the sky clean and possibly put out the gigantic forest fires raging throughout the world? Wrong!

    With this falling rain came toxic chemicals from cosmic debris in the air. The rain mixed with them, forming sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric and carbonic acids. Living things had holes eaten through them as in leaves and the flesh of animals. Lakes, ponds, and rivers became spewed with acid rain. The rain brought down with it the stuff of stars and arsenic and heavy metals. Formaldehyde, cyanide, and other traces of toxic chemicals were formed in the brew falling from the sky. The weak humans and animals who drank the waters became sickened and died. The strong ones were made sick and eventually recovered. Rock were etched by the toxic brew from the heavens.

    The Gulf Stream was, and can be again, changed by all this, thus bringing a new ice age to Europe and beyond. The U.S. and Canada experienced similar. During this time, temperatures stayed low for 1,000 years or more.

    Still people survive all this. Their numbers are greatly reduced. So no one would ever forget, stories of the great Event were carried on from generation to generation about the Great World Fire; the Great Flood; the Great Signs in the Heavens. They did this to honor the Creator who had spared them. Grandparents related story after story to children as they had had the Event related to them.

    After generations pass, the progeny began to doubt the stories and consider they were just all made up to make us behave. This never really happened. quickly we forget! ...and the Bible all made up, just to make us behave?

The Third World-War

    There is a very good chance that before the Cosmic Catastrophe occurs, sometime within that time frame, the U.S. will be in a new world war that is brewing and has been brewing in the Middle East for some time now.

    When at the height of the war, suddenly troops will be called home hastily. The Event has started in earnest and the troops are needed to keep order. All nations involved will do similar. The chaos will be horrendous in America. Expect deep shortages in all infra/superstructure areas. The electric grid will go.
"In the 1970s government statisticians calculated that if all electricity were cut off, 30 % of the population would be dead within a month. Within a year, 80 % would be dead. And that was back in the 1970 ... now it's worse!"– The McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor, August 1999.
    You need to have some means of self-defense. Don't tarry! It is getting pretty near the hour when you will not be able to get a weapon for self-protection. You are in your last warnings.

    And when one or all three waves hit pretty close after one another because of where our solar system has moved to in the galactic arm...The Galactic Plane and The Densest Part of the spiral arm we reside in, there will be no army to protect you, nor the governments that may have made it underground in time.

    You may lose everything, but remember, you prepared and if this be so...stand:

Having Done All...Stand...Ephesians 6: 13

    You weren't profligate. You went to the ant and saw how she prepared. Note well, one thing you want on you at all times is a legal knife. You may get caught out when the hell is falling and have to find shelter. When you come out, things are changed and the air is biting. For the game animals that survived (and some life always survives), you will need the knife. Save the skin and hide. Remove long tendons and sinews; allow to dry. Save the long bones. They can be tied together for stanchions for shelter using sinews, tendons and skin and hide.

    The short bones as the long, that remain, should be cracked opened with stones (plenty will have fallen from the sky) and eat the delicious salubrious marrow. Learn how to make a fire with twigs, sinew, and using a long thin shin bone. Plenty of fire will be around and not many twigs, as they are burning.

    Meals will be infrequent, so the first thing you eat are the organ meats. This entails brains, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads. For those of you who have never had to rough it, the sweetbreads are the pancreas. These organs are loaded with nutrients. You will need the vitamins A & D from the liver. It may have to last a long time. Eat the muscle meats last. After your fire is made, make slits in the meat and roast gently one way or the other. This is assuming any wood is left or twigs and grasses; otherwise, eat raw. Incidently, one bright student said, "I can't eat has cholesterol."

    Another said something equally sage, "Liver is full of toxins and we don't eat that!" Unbelievable, but another said, "My wife will go to the supermarket and get something." And still another in the lecture class said, "There won't be any supermarkets dummy! We'll just get used to eating ‘chicken McNuggets.'"

    Whew! Do you think they are going to survive if they made it through the Hell? Their mindset will destroy them. If not, you can bet their offspring have been raised similar. "Somebody better fix it," they will say, as they are used to "Big Brother" doing something for them, but holler the loudest when their rights are taken from them because they were not willing to stand up and be counted. This is one of the reasons we have such disrespect for the hoary hair! I think it is time for a real change. And nothing will do it like what's coming.

     The shear enormity of it all will be too much for most to handle. They are not use to doing for themselves and will want to call for a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Counselor and let them settle it for them. Folks, the ‘nanny period' is now over! We will have to do for ourselves or die.

    Many are not going to survive this phase. Their mindset will not allow them to do what you are just now reading. Their children are spoiled and ...well..."I ain't gonna eat that s...." The world will be better off without those kind of people. You don't have all day to coax an adult and/or his spoiled brat into eating. Let them be off with themselves and find their next meal elsewhere.

    Remember! This is going to be a long hard siege as you get the Earth going again. You will look long and hard for another human or two. And when you see each other, you will run breathlessly...stop...stare hard at each other...then embrace silently for a long time and then sob vehemently.

    I can't tell you how to really survive. But, you can garner much from this document. I can only give you the proper mindset to have for what's coming. To survive, you need to prepare, mentally, spiritually and physically. You may find that the best companion you can have ain't a knife, gun or stick, but the Holy Writ.

    Regardless of what kind of training one has had, we have not been prepared for this. No one can prepare you for this because present day man has no experience for such an Event, except from numerous archeological records and legends mentioned earlier in this document.

    The only thing to prepare you is be aware it is going to happen. Be of the mindset that there is no calvary coming over the hill. You will be your own helper. Try to form a covenant community with several people. Have 5 to 10 people within a 50 mile radius that if you make it there, you can hunker down during the second and third wave of The Chastisement coming. Early Church saints saw this almost two thousand years ago. They did not understand its meaning, but we have had many warnings–archeology, traditions, legends, very holy people and the Bible. Now, science warns us...and my people are still destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    One seer of the Church had a vision. She was told to go into her house and remain there for a number of days. She heard all kinds of thrashings about her house. When she emerged, she was told to look back. Her house was still standing...but, when turning slowly, she saw total destruction. Nothing was left standing...nothing. Everything was smoldering, on fire and that which had not disappeared was disappearing. The desolation was absolute.

    Many pastors have preached on Revelation. They quoted the Holy Writ as saying that the people had a peculiar way of dying...standing up. Their flesh fell from their bodies. The pastors all drew the same conclusion– this has to be a nuclear war.

    I can tell you now, a nuclear blast close enough will vaporize a human. It's like being thrown into the blast furnace of the Sun. This description does not describe what happen to the wooly mammals and the American Camels, and other creatures of 11,000 to 13,000 years ago. The Paleo-Indian man also disappeared from the planet rather quickly. Some did survive.

    Arriving on the earth at 3,000 to 4,000 miles per hour were microscopic radioactive iron spherules and other cosmic particles and debris. This would shred the flesh from the bodies as they were still standing quite often. Mammal tusks seem to have been able to withstand the high impact of the Type II Supernova. The spherules dug into their ivory at 45 degree angles, the same entry as that of comets.


    Be mindful of the Spiritual Directors during this time. The fanaticism will burst upon the scene when the happenings begin. Most will have let their people down. It will be the "rapture," or the "second coming," — all this is for later, much later. Many will garner enough to build that ‘mega-church' they have always wanted, but time is no longer on their side. For the most, they are honest folk that think the ‘Lord' wants them to have it all. They should have been telling you how to prepare your mind and body to be able to do the Lord's work.

    Your mindset will be one of the most important things you have and your faith to get you through this. It is going to be horrendous, when it happens. The sights and sounds of change are going to be quite disturbing, to say the least. Your WebMasters aren't looking forward to this, yet, it will be, in some ways, exhilarating and exciting to see this, experience this, and know something of cosmological interactions that are transpiring. We wish you the best... Live Long and Prosper.

Beware The Moles

(The Moles Are Coming–Beware The Moles!)

    When all this is over, and you have survived the unthinkable, the moles will come out of their Y2K underground, fully stocked, hardened bunkers beneath Washington, D.C., and they will believe the status quo is unchanged, amid all the destruction. In other words, they need someone to do their bidding, and they think you are the one to do it. There will be no infrastructure, but they will want business as usual!

    They will come first for your guns, wanting to take them up in order to better "protect" you. Remember New Orleans. Remember Nazi Germany. Remember Rwanda. You know what to do. Do not hesitate. However, their armies and navies will have been demolished, and anyone left will be fending for himself. Screw Big Brother, they will think.

    You are going to need something to defend yourself with. You should have begun thinking self-protection prior to Y2K.

    The remnant government at that time, if they survive the floods, ice, smoke and fires, radiation, and the earth pounded by everything imaginable, went underground with a small garrison of troops. You can overcome them if they want to make you servants when they emerge.

Hang on....just hang on...a new beginning is coming...and soon.

Just make it through the long dark night of the soul!

    Beware the moles. They have no idea, however, what you have been through in order to survive. They did not have to go through anything in their fully furnished, fully stocked bunkers. But you have been through hell. The moles will be no match for the survivors because of their mindset.

    The new order will have begun. Let us be quick to get back to our old Constitution and The Bill of Rights if enough people are left and away with the current crap! There will always be those who attempt to apply outmoded laws to the current situation.

    Remember...Most of the world's population will be gone. We currently have 6 billion plus humans on the earth. Best scientific guesses suggest the highest number of humans left after the Galactic Plane occurs and passing through the Densest Portion of the Spiral Arm, is One Billion Persons. The least best guess is in the millions.

    The Division of Labor will be broken. There will not be enough worker bees to do the work of those (that survived) whose mindset is still the same. They will have to root little piggie or die hungry. You make sure of it. Make them serve you; make them fear you; make them work for what they get now free. Remember what Saint Paul said: "You don't work...You don't eat!" This was for all able bodied persons. We will have to help those who lost everything and those who did not prepare. But, they have to work. The dole is now over. The free lunch is gone! — See 2 Th 3:10; and Easton's commentaries writes, "But begging in the case of those who are able to work is forbidden, and all such are enjoined to work with their own hands' as a Christian duty (1Th 4:11; 2 Th 3:7-13; Eph 4:28)." The government has made beggars of us all.

    Everything will resort back to the local community. But watch out. Some will rise to take over. Have a community effort. Food will be grown and processed and eaten locally. There will changes in the atmosphere such that health will be better and people will live longer when this is over years later and many humans, animals, and flora survive and regenerated. The oxygen tension will be higher and if a space object hits the earth and straightens its tilt from 23.5 0, compared to the axis of the Earth's orbit around the Sun to 900, as was millions of years ago, there will be one long growing season. This would give the world a relatively uniform temperature around 70 degrees. The polar caps would have been very small. The ice age would not have come, or quickly melt as it did 11,000 years ago when The Event struck the earth and caused massive extinctions of man, animals, fishes and flora. And it's all coming soon.

Some Salient Summary Points

(On What To Look For)

    In addition to what has been given above, you may observe, as the Paleo-man 11,000 to 16,000 years ago observed, that there appears one night in the sky a new star. Over days and weeks, the new star Paleo-man observed got brighter, until there were "two suns" in the sky. This was a bad omen that was seen no longer in just the night sky, but also the daytime heavens.

    Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian, 37 AD to circa 100 AD, wrote that a comet hung over Jerusalem nearly a year like a Sword of Damocles, foretelling a message of doom. The Roman army under Titus came and destroyed the Temple, slaughtering over 100,000 persons. General Titus even remarked that he couldn't restrain his men. It was as if an evil spirit had taken control of them. They even attacked the Temple Wall with their scabbard knives, digging and clawing out the Temple stones.

    If you witness extreme fireworks in the night sky, with increasing intensity, such that the incoming meteorites, comets, and/or asteroids are seen blazing white in the daytime atmosphere close to Earth and explode in the air as well as the land, know well, little time is left. The explosion bubble may generate nuclear knock-down power, especially if the incoming rock or snowball is a large one.

    Know well that America has a overly large prison population. As things heat up in the heavens and on Earth, such that no one can deny an Event is now occurring, then some eleemosynary governments may well release those prisoners considered most safe to reduce the prison population; or, release all the prisoners altogether. You can then expect that when the public, which includes prison guards, finds out about the Event; and there is no turning away from it– the prison guards will desert their post, and you can understand why. The prisoners, if they haven't been released, will then break out to try and escape the Event as well. This action will turn them loose on society.

    Those of you living near prisons especially, need to provide for your self-protection. In Jasper County, Texas, several inmates escaped a prison. They robbed and raped a woman or two in their own homes before being caught. The women felt as if they were about to be murdered.

    There are going to be those individuals who, for whatever reason, have a grudge against you, real or imaginary. They will be coming for you also. Therefore, it behooves you now to be apprised of such thoughts out there. You will not be caught unaware. Stay alert. Stay safe. Maybe you talked...they will remember.

    Some women have allowed themselves and their young daughters to dress in an extremely provocative manner. When the event occurs, and shortly before, they will be sitting in someone's mind, and will come to the forefront of someone's brain cells when things become tense.

    Long before we move directly into the (a) Densest Portion of the spiral arm our solar system lives in and before our solar system moves directly into the (b) Galactic Plane, madness will increase. It has been. Those vibrations and tidal forces generated by (a) and (b) will pull on the brains of an already sick mind from the type of foods we have been eating for sometime now due to our modern technology and its environmental poisons. And due to the mindset of what has been generated in their brains that they are entitled to get plenty for little or nothing, you can expect total chaos! Mass confusion and absolute selfishness—no quarter given. Just look at what you are seeing out there now. Senseless killings. And now, the "Castle Doctrine" is under fire and portrayed as "a license to kill." You are not even safe in your own home such that you can use lethal force to defend yourself and family if broken into and feel you are about to be murdered.

    "Confusion...confusion...everywhere confusion...," an early Church saint saw for our time. When the chaos hits, it will be like the honey bee population that is now demonstrating this. The bee population throughout America is dying out. Something's killing them. But more important is the extreme confusion they are demonstrating. It is referenced by honey bee keepers as the "Collapsing Hive Syndrome." Their infrastructure has collapsed. They have lost so many bees, the remaining bees do not know what to do. The division of labor has now collapsed. The worker bees are no longer caring for the young; the queen bee is left to fend for herself and food gathering has gone to practically nothing.

    We live at the top of the food chain, when we see something such as this occurring, it is going to eventually effect us. It may be due to our technology. The honey bees are undoubtedly getting GMOs (genetically modified pollens carrying insecticides and viral genes) and may not be able to tolerate this. Mass chaos has already started in the lower organisms. When our infrastructure goes....

Get prepared—it's coming!

    Now, let's understand some terms: Precession, Earth Tilt, Earth wobble, 26,000 years and the End of an Age. Every 26,000 years, rounded off from 25,900, the Earth wobble has completed one revolution of Earth wobble through the celestial sphere—what you see when looking into the heavens at night. The Earth tilts at 23.5 degrees to the sun, as it rotates around the sun. Because of the wobble in its movement through the celestial sphere, Pole Stars, e.g., Polaris, will eventually change positions with another star, Vega, slowly over 26,000 years. About 14,000 years the Earth's pole will point to Vega. This slow change is called Precession.

    On a time scale, we are leaving the age of Pisces (the end of an age) and are moving closer to the age of Aquarius. On December 12, 2012, the Earth will enter into this new age.

    Throughout history and early records, whenever the Earth went into a new age, the new age was met with cataclysmic change.

    Christ spoke of this change that is racing towards us when His disciples asked two questions concerning the "When" and "What" of the end of an age that they knew was surely to come.

"Tell us when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the age?"—Mat. 24:3-4.

    And Christ answered them that such things will come to pass first. He then enumerated them for the disciples (Mat. 24: 4-20). Then He spoke of a great tribulation, not seen since the beginning of the world (Mat. 24: 21-29). He spoke about the heavens being shaken and objects falling from therein.

    Christ was answering His disciples' question about the end of an era. The Ark of Millions of Years, Vol. Two by E. J. Clark & B. Alexander Agnew, PhD., writes,

"If...the Bible and the words of Christ are accurate in their predictions, then for some of us ‘raptured,' it will be the end of time as we know it. For others left behind, it will simply be the continuation of the Ages and the re-start of Precession into another 26,000 year cycle of the Great Year..." Page 259.

    This process we have been describing as the Galactic Plane or the Dark Rift, is the end of an age as you and I know it. Jesus Himself said, "the harvest is the end of the age; and the reapers are the angels" in Mat. 13:34, and in the next verse He continues, "As, therefore, the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this age." The Good will perish with the Bad!

    According to the mechanics of the Dark Rift, which we are approaching rapidly, this is the end of an age. Christ's disciples intuitively knew they were in an age of mankind that would end someday and ask Him about its signs, which was given above.

    The Dark Rift is that moment(s) in time when the solar system, with its planets, which includes the Earth, the Asteroid Belt, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, passes inside the center of radial axis created by the black hole situated at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. In some way, light will be affected– along with other occurrences, religious writers call a "great shaking" in the End Times of the Earth– that palpable darkness, pitch black, reins supreme for 72 hours. This is in no uncertain terms the "three days darkness" many very early Church saints saw and wrote about.

    We now are approaching this Dark Rift as evidenced from the increase changes in hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, floods, gigantic forest fires seen from satellites, increased vulcanism, and other occurrences as well as huge mud slides. All this dramatically started increasing since 1980. When the Dark Rift finishes, time will be reset!

    As the Earth passes through the Dark Rift, vibrations will change, such that here may be instant healings of the sick. Expect any and all erratic, unpredictable, or extravagant manifestations, or actions to occur. Know well, the Earth Changes coming will mostly be engendered by forces in the Cosmos. As we travel through variable regions of the gravity tidal forces in the Dark Rift, the space-time continuum (the X, Y, and Z-axis of a three dimensional plane coupled with time), time may definitely become distorted, such that one may move forward in time and biochemically become younger at the same time, as he leaves age, sickness, and disease behind in another dimension. This would, even though one is in his senior years, have reversed the aging process such that one will have more vim and vigor, more youth, better DNA code, and numerous other processes occurring as well though his appearance is relatively the same....we just don't know. But, it is going to be an exciting time. There may even be Resurrections of the Just.

    The time dilation which occurs during extreme gravitational tidal forces pulling on a body--generally, this would be for only a spinning black hole if one were to approach it, but, no one currently alive has been through what we are now approaching. Unless this occurred with the continents Mu and Atlantis, but no records exist to tell us what to expect.

    There is a possibility that large masses of people will be "raptured," as they are "caught-up" in the time dilation as we get closer to The Galactic Plane's strong gravitational field. Those "caught-up" in reference to those not "caught-up" would have noticed (if they had a reference point) that their clocks ran very slowly as opposed to those not "caught-up" because they remained in a weak gravitational field. This assumes that not all will be "caught-up" in the strong gravitational field that should be everywhere.

    The Strong gravitational field, Time Dilation and those "caught-up" in this will suddenly find themselves Othered. If this happens, there will be sudden disappearances of masses of people, adding to the 'depopulation' that is just around the corner, cosmologically. Such ones may be projected forward in time! Into a different dimension, a different universe or universes. A different orb in the space-time continuum. They will be in the minds of those remaining, raptured!

    We will probably say, as given, to protect us from what is falling from the heavens:
"Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us."---Luke 23:30 (KJV)

    As the vibrations and frequencies increase and the tidal forces take definite shape towards Earth, patterns of thought and actions will change. You can expect wild speculation to withdrawal from the stock market as well as overvaluations. Economic world-wide crises will ensue. Mike Shedlock writing for The Daily Recokoning, Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 11:18 AM, writes:
"MIT economics professor Xavier Gabaix, along with a team of physicists from Boston University discovered that the movements of the stock market follow a mathematical pattern similar to earthquakes.

"These findings could allow traders to protect their investments by pinpointing periods when market volatility is likely to be significant.

"'The frequency of crashes such as those in 1987 and 1929 follow patterns,' says Gabaix. 'Although that doesn't mean we'll be able to predict with certainty when movement will occur, or in which direction it will go, we can still predict - better than with other methods - whether it will be a big move or a small one. And that information can be useful.'

"The patterns that give us clues of huge equity market changes and devastating earthquakes are known as power laws. Power laws define mathematical relationships between the frequency of large and small events. Typically, the larger the event, the less frequently it happens. The importance of these power laws is in the way they describe nature as well as artificial constructs...

"What I'm worried about, though, is something that will affect everyone in America, not just stock investors...

"It will be the second wave downwards in housing that will catch everyone off guard and send the economy into a sharp, protracted consumer-led recession. And that second wave is about to hit."

    This being so, a scientific fact, you can expect tremendous changes in your lifestyle and the way you live. Market forces that drive world economies are changing more rapidly now that we are coming into The Galactic Plane and The Densest Portion of the Spiral Arm. Our world, our lifestyles, everything we know--is about to change suddenly.

    As we see the stock market start changing and the irrationality of exuberant buying and irrational selling, this is an indication that we are now approaching closer than ever to the Galactic Plane and its gravitational pull is having an effect on thought patterns and behavior generated from the human brain. For instance, it has been shown that women who commit suicide or murder quite often do so when the moon is full and during the time of their periods. The body conspires against them such that they have a tidal force from their chemistry at this time of the month on their brains. This affects thought patterns and behavior.

    You can expect that the government will undo the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) law that allows you to buy vitamins and minerals. Senator Ted Kennedy has already put forth a bill (The Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007) that will stop you from buying bioidentical hormones to slow down disease and the aging process. You will have to get harsh drugs from your physician to feather the pocketbooks of Big Pharma and the members of the AMA.

    And worse, as these frequencies and vibrations pull on the brains of men in high places, mingling with and interrupting and reinforcing certain thought patterns of these persons, you can definitely expect the irrationality that the Dark Rift will be causing will result in a Third World War.

    This could not affect us like this, had we not enjoyed fifty or sixty years of nutritional violations to the body from technology, and had we not thrown the Almighty out of schools, government and even religious institutions.

    We will keep you apprised of the Events as being from (a) the Dark Rift and (b) our nearing the (b) Densest Portion of the Spiral Arm we neighborhood with in future issues of The Update. However, they won't be hard to recognize then.

    For more on this subject, see The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes by Brocato and King and additional sources below.

The Above Has Been Written for Those "Who Have Ears To Hear."

[Lightning.Gif] [Lightning.Gif] Milky Way

The Galactic Plane
The Milky Way Galaxy With Galactic Bulge

(Press Refresh Button For Clear Picture)


Earth Contained In The Milky Way Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy: Our Neighboring Galaxy
Its Spiral Arms With Galactic Bulge at Its Center

Flat View of A Galaxy From its Edge

A Galaxy From Edge-On View (Flat View)
Its Galactic Plane and Bulge

Artists Conception of Kuiper Belt/Oort Cloud

The Kuiper Belt and The Oort Cloud.
Between Mars and Jupiter (not shown) is the Asteroid Belt. Then comes the Kuiper Belt with The Oort Cloud surrounding the Solar Systems and the two belts.

Artists Conception of Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt .
The Vast Majority of Asteroids are found between Mars and Jupiter.

Artists Conception of Supernova

That Which Helps With More Creation of The Universe

Artists Conception of A Black Hole

Black Hole
"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here,"--Dante

A Gateway To Other Universes (Multiverse) and/or A Stargate To Other Areas of The Universe In Zero-Wait State.

Circling The Black Black Hole At Some Distance

The Galactic Plane

The Galactic Plane
The Galactic Plane And The Solar System's Path Through It

In An UpComing Issue:
To Be Announced

Something You Need To Know For What's Coming


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