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Chemical/Biological    WarFare

    How You Can Survive

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    Considering the American welfare-warfare state these days, and how necessary a war is to make us forget the state of the American economy, not to mention the way American foreign policy dictates poking the Russian bear with a sharp stick and teasing the Chinese dragon with hard-packed snowballs, many experts believe we are headed for a nuclear war. That means you’d better have your own means of detecting radiation and your own home shelter, since there are no longer any Civil Defense fallout shelters and trained radiological monitors with meters.

    Dr. “B” has been studying radiation, its effects, and how to detect it for some years now, and if you’ve been reading The Kong Reports, you know he recommends you have a Radiological Meter and know how to use it. Since so many people are confused on what meter they should get, or find themselves unable to afford some of the newer meters, he has written a book on the subject, well-illustrated in color, that is available on in both print form and as an e-book.

    This book will tell you why you need a meter and why the old Civil Defense meters are still some of the best and simplest meters available. He describes and photographs each meter and tells you where to buy them and how to know they are working correctly. Most of all, he simplifies the process of deciding which meter you need and why. Don’t wait to see whether or not America finally gets nuked—Be Ready In Advance!

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Your Home Fallout Shelter, Dr. Bs Second Book In This Series

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Nutrients Against Radiation Dajmage & Injury In A Nuclear Event

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    As the world draws closer to nuclear war, and nuclear terrorism becomes more likely, we must maximize our chances of coming through a nuclear event with our health intact.

    If you have a radiological meter and have made preparations for your home fallout shelter, there is one thing more you can do: You can control any radiation damage by intelligent nutrient use. Dr. "B" wrote this book as the third major pillar of his protocol to survive nuclear radiation, by giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal, minimize, or stop the free radical damage radiation causes your body. Radiation damage is the same damage that causes the degenerative changes of aging--learn now what you can do to stop or lessen it!

Anthrax?  Plague?  Botulism?  Tularemia?  Refugee Diseases?  Water Purification?  And More! What about Smallpox?  Nuclear Detonations?  Neural Agents?  Do you know what to do...are you prepared?

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This book discusses all this and more:

  • Germ WarFare--What is it?
  • Chemical WarFare--What is it?
  • What's Worse?  Biological or Chemical Weapons?
  • Do You have a contingency plan?
  • Can you count on the Government for help?
  • How much Time do you have if you're hit with chemical or biological warfare agents?.
  • How can you survive a biological warfare attack?
  • Is a biological warfare attack survivable? How can you prepare?
  • Can you survive a chemical warfare attack? What to watch for---what to store.
  • What's a formula for an all-round decontamination solution, made with house-hold ingredients?
  • How your nerves function--and what this means when you prepare for possible chemical attack.
  • Simple procedures for chemical and biological decontamination.
  • Make your own decontamination soap.
  • How to prepare now by building your immune system.

You Are Further Told :

The book also tells you, in-depth, what's coming, how to survive it and more importantly, certain foods, herbs, and natural health products to help you through a chemical and biological warfare attack.  The book tells you why America will not only be struck with chemical and biological agents, but the causes leading up to nuclear strikes on American soil.

Chemical/Biological WarFare....How You Can Survive... explains the condition of our armed forces....why we can't fight and win the three front war that is coming.  It speaks about the morale problem in the Army; the "Band-Aid Navy.  How shortages of parts and people are burning out sailors and wearing out the fleet."  ...and what war portfolio stocks you should consider having now!

However, the powerful warnings---The Signs of The Times, are mostly being ignored because as long as the stock market is high, the economy good, America is being blinded to what's going on.  When the stock market goes, you can expect panic and riots in the streets.  Mass confusion will reign supreme for a while.  The book discusses the most probable time for a Weapons of Mass Destruction attack on U.S. soil.

Do You Know What To Do if Smallpox is used in a Biological Terrorist attack? There is NO vaccine out there now, except some in storage, and half is considered bad.  Your authors have a possible solution....

Authors Charles S. Brocato and Kathryn E. King have researched Chemical and Biological Weapons; how you can best survive; what you can expect from the Local, State, and National Governemts when this all goes down, and the results are:  You'd better know what to do for yourself....and this means get prepared now.  Know what to do, when to do it, and do it..

"The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilence"
.... Thomas Jefferson

[Front Cover] Chemical/Biological WarFare:  How You Can Survive... [Back Cover]

... How You Can Survive

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