And The Whining Continues
[How I Look When I've Been In A Fight]
Kong Sez

And The Whining Continues
FDR's Legacy

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Kong Sez

What Will Our
Government Do When This Comes ?
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    It's now been a week since Hurricane Ike, and life in Southeast Texas continues to be a true learning experience for what is coming. However, many people refuse to learn.

    For instance, one woman refused to go through the FEMA line because it was too long. We explained to her that she needs to learn to put up with the boom boxes, the asphalt heat that you have to drive through, the sweating in your car, to develop the mindset necessary to survive when the Hell breaks in its full rigor. She finally went through the line, but about halfway through it, we saw her car windows go up as the air conditioner obviously came on. She learned nothing. Do you want somebody like this staying with you when the Hell breaks? They've got to have all the comforts of life, and that includes air conditioning. This poor creature did the same thing a second time--just wouldn't abide the heat, and the weather in the aftermath of Ike was far cooler than most hurricane aftermaths.

    There were a lot of other people in their new vehicles: Trucks, Suburbans, Chryslers, Cadillacs, etc. with windows rolled up and air conditioning on while waiting in the food line. The coming World-Wide Financial Crash may hit them the hardest.

    Dr. Brocato has been telling, in his books, e-mails, lectures, and various web sites, that you must become self-reliant. You must become self-sufficient from 2000 to 2016, especially 2010 to 2014. Now, what do we hear?

    In a Beaumont, Texas, newspaper, a city on the Texas Gulf Coast heavily ravaged by Hurricane Ike, Beaumont mayor Becky Ames said the following:

"This is one of our concerns. The lines are long at the feeding stations, and there is a limit of food. "People need to be self-sustainable because there is not enough."
    This was reiterated by the Jefferson County Emergency Management manager, Greg Fountain:

"With everybody coming back, it has put a strain on resources. If you rely on government more and more, then the system is going to fail. If you have a relative, you need to make arrangements to stay with them, or with friends."

    He does not know what he just said! But he is telling you to have formed, in advance, a Covenant Community, with someone who has prepared and of similar ilk. We have been telling you, get a Covenant Community with 10 individuals who live within a hundred miles.

    Folks, what you are seeing now is a harbinger of infinite magnitude that is coming to this planet. Nature is turning against us, as various early Church (before the Church was established) saints saw for our time. (See The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes, by Brocato and King.

    People are calling in to local radio shows in various cities, and many are outright mad, angry, and hostile. They are claiming, "FEMA is a joke."


    Re-read "Cannibalism Is Coming To America" now, at, cursor down to menu, and you will understand their anger. They are angry because they expect the dole. FEMA is not the joke. The joke is on the president who started the dole, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and those politicians who have kept it going for votes. The government has created a whining, dependant, indolent, pleasure-seeking society, and remember this:

"Nothing makes people madder than when they have something taken away from them that they did not earn."

    Michael Haga's After The Crash: Life In The New Great Depression, points this out clearly.

"President Roosevelt's New Deal created the welfare state. President Johnson's Great Society enhanced the welfare state. Presidents Carter, Bush, and Clinton expanded the role of the welfare state, through massive tax increases."

    Folks, do you understand what this is saying? It is extremely grim. The dole rolls are so massive that there will be no appeasement of the masses when the Hell breaks in its fullest extent. This means concentration camps, starvation, and massive disappearances of people. This may be part of the depopulation planned for the American people, because resources are getting very slim now. The sheeple are about to be exterminated and do not even know it. We even have some in our own families.

    Why Should You Listen To Us? You Shouldn't. You Should Investigate...Investigate...Investigage...And Come Up With Your Own Conclusion....and it ain't going to be far from ours.

God bless, live long, and prosper. We need you to survive to get this planet going again.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
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