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[How I Look When I've Been In A Fight]
Kong Sez

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Kong Sez

Der längste Tag
Is Almost Here!!
Famine & Pestilence
The Galactic Plane!
The Mysterious Comet!
The Three Days Darkness!
It Will Be Ushered In With Bitter Cold
(More On This Later)

The Earth Roll!
The Sun Roils! 
He's Watching You! We Have All Been Warned></CENTER>
                  <CENTER><FONT color=#00ff00 size=4><EM><STRONG>And Then, 
                  Perhaps Just Prior To The Galactic 
                  <CENTER><STRONG><EM><FONT color=#00ff00 size=5>The Examination 
                  of Conscience</FONT></EM></STRONG></CENTER>
                  <CENTER><STRONG><EM><FONT size=5>It Will Be More Terrifying 
                  Than Anything</FONT></EM></STRONG></CENTER>
                  <CENTER><STRONG><EM><FONT size=5>Most Would Rather Die Than 
                  Live Through It</FONT></EM></STRONG></CENTER>
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"Watch The Kong Reports!"

    We just may have only 24 days left before Der längste Tag begins. The 'Within' portion of The Confusion that generates into The Chaos may start manifesting itself then! According to our sources, major events are in the works. And it blows an ill-wind for us all! You read what the High-Ranking Texas State Employee who came by incident to see Dr. "B" in the last The Kong Special Report.
    Here, once more, and the last time given are certain modalities for you who need/want more muscle mass; bone mass, and thinking ability. These substances facilitate use of glucose in the body. Dr. "B" has added two more substances. He has seen these work in his patients and himself!
  • Glu Control by Vitamin Research Products (VRP). Two with every meal.
  • Chromium Ultra. One twice per day.
  • Cinnamon Extract by  VRP. Two per meal.
  • Glucose Level by Sprunk-Jansen
    And now, he adds:
  • Vanadyl Sulfate by VRP. One per day.
  • HCG Support Homeopathic Drops for Weight Loss.
    The first of the latter two enhances more glucose into the muscle cells of the body for muscle development and weight loss. The latter enhances fat from 'fat depots' in women that they can't get rid of. For instance, the middle to lower abdominal area. The fat pockets on the thighs, buffalo hump, and so–forth.

Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!
Your Longest Day Will Start Soon!

Whom Are You Going
To Stick Your Neck Out For?
Decide Before It Is Too Late!
And What It Will Cost You!

Kong Sez

Dead Ahead

"Watch The Kong Reports!"

    Folks! Be very careful and conservative from now on! Do not call attention to yourselves. The 'Church Lady' and her type are going to wreak havoc on you; some, it already has; then, when they least expect it, they go down...and good riddance! This is about to be the hardest time we have ever had in our lives and we do not need some fool saying "I don't have to do anything...I'm going to be raptured!" If you Stick Your Neck out for them, most assuredly, it is going to get chopped off! 

    Dr. "B" is doing a massive work on The Psychology of Survival. He will release it when we need it most. He is doing a momuental work on Water Basics: Part III! for June 1, 2011.

    Folks! I am now getting very, very concerned with what he is telling me. I am not allowed to repeat it yet. But, it figures in with this Water Business! 

    You can only go without water for three (3) days only. Less, if out in the hot weather. It once was you could survive for two weeks without food, but not so without water. But, now...something is happening to the human will be obvious to all before long.

    The way it handles things is changing.... 

Are You Sure You Can Handle The Weapon of Your Choice...
Especially If Wounded?
Have You Practiced Shooting
  • If Your Dominant Hand Is Injured?
  • One Hand Reloading?
  • Shooting From Behind Cover?
  • Did You Hug The Cover?
  • Do You Have Stored Weapon Cleaning Supplies For The Weapon(s) of Your Choice?


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Milky Way

The Galactic Plane
The Milky Way Galaxy With Galactic Bulge

Check Your
Medicine Supply/List

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