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When The Radiations Come!

Do You Have Your Meters Up & Ready?

CD V700

CD V700

The CD V700 is a lowrange meter that measures from 0 to 50 milliRoentgen/hour. It features a "hotdog" probe that can be used to scan a person for contamination, or you can use it to check foods for radioactivity. The CD V700 is the meter you want for measuring low levels (less than 1 Roentgen) of radiation.


        CD V715                                    CD V717
 CD V715

CD V717 With Remote!


    The CD V715 is the work-horse of civil defense high-range meters. It measures from 0 to 500 Roentgens and utilizes four ranges: X0.1, X1, X10 and X100. This is one of the best all-round meters to have, as you can measure from lower levels (fractions of Roentgens) all the way up to a high level of 500 Roengens.

    The CD V717 is the same as the CD V715, except that it has a remote for viewing safely from 25 feet in your shelter and this does not expose one to radiation present in the survey area from a safe shelter. It is a little heavier than the CD V715 because of the coil of cable inside that allows you to separate the two portions, but it can be used just like the CD V715 as a survey meter.

CD V720


      The CD V720 is very similar to the CD V715 and CD V717 in that it measures from 0 to 500 Roentgens, but it has only three ranges. It is intended to measure highrange beta radiation in addition to high-range gamma radiation. It has a window on bottom that can be opened to measure both beta and gamma radiation, then closed to measure only gamma radiation. Subtracting the gammaonly reading from the beta plus gamma reading will give you the amount of beta radiation coming in.

How To Check For Radiological Contamination Of A Shelteree:


CD V-750 Charger!        


  The CD V-750 is a dosimeter charger. It can charge a lot of dosimeters, so get as many dosimeters as you think you'll need.

When Fallout Comes, Know How Big The Dose Is You Received!

CD V-742 Dosimeter!

The CD V742 is a penlike dosimeter, which measures the total dose of radiation you have received over a period of time. It measures from 0 to 200 Roentgens.

Using Your Dosimeter To Find The Dose Rate!

CD V-742 Dosimeter!

"Men," Dr. "B" said, "It's Going To Be The Worst Thing That Has Every Happened To Us Since Adam & Eve Got 'Kicked' Out of the Garden! This Will Save Your Life!"

    Dr. "B" then said, "Our entire world, gentlemen, in more ways than one, is going to turn 'Upside Down'! And, when our Survey Meters do not tell us how many gamma rays are in the environment per hour, because they may have stopped working, or some other problem has occurred in them, then we must know how to use our dosimeters, such as this one I am holding up, the CD V742 to inform us of Roentgens per Hour!

    "This is how it is done. Take one of your dosimeters and don't expose yourself to danger by being in the radiation storm for more than a few minutes or less to hang your dosimeter out on a branch; leave it there say, for five minutes while you are back in your shelter.Then, retrieve it quickly; or, use a string tied to it and let it down carefully from the branch while you are inside your shelter and carefully pull it to you on the ground, from within your shelter. Do not expose yourself needlessly!

    "Since you have had it out there for 5 minutes; then read it. Let's say, it reads 10 R (Roentgens). But, this does not tell us Roentgens per Hour. Therefore, we figure R/hr, this way:

  1.   5 minutes is to 60 minutes (5/60) is to (equals) 10R, times X, which is our unknown. Solving for X, that which we are seeking, gives 5 times X = 60 times 10R; X = 10R times 60 divided by 5:

    5/60 = 10R/X. The unknown, X=10R times 60, and this product divided 5 = 600/5 = 120R/hr (which is dose rate).
  2.   Therefore, our unknown (X) = 60x10R/5 = 120R, where this is in 60 minutes which is 1 hour; hence, we now have found out that the Dose Rate is 120 R/hr.!

  3.  We can also use the above ideas to figure the reverse. Let's say, one is caught out in a radiation storm for 10 minutes; or, 5 minutes; but, that person has no Dosimeter. However, he does have a survey meter that reads from 0 to 500 Roentgens per hr.

    It was found from the meter, that the Dose Rate is 120 R/hr. To find his Dose in Roentgens, when in a safe shelter, the shelter staff figures it reversely, as:

    120R/X(unknown dose) = 1 hr = 60 min/10 minutes.

    X times 60 minutes = 1200

    X = 20 R (the amount of Dose the person has received!)

    For 5 minutes, the person receives a Dose 10 R.

    It can be figured the same way as the 10 minute stay in Radioactive Fallout; or, simply take 5/60 = 1/12. Multiplying this (1/12) times 120 R = 10 R (1/12 times 120 R = 10 R)

    "Gentlemen, by knowing and doing this a number of times, we can tell when the radiation is increasing and decreasing and when it is safe to go outside the shelter for certain emergencies for how many minutes per the charts I have handed out to you."

Then, You'll Be Ready To 'Strut'!

Avoid This...

There Will Be Somke, Dust, and Debris, When The  Nukes Arrive!

With This:

Moldex Mask!

This Is What The Government Used To Supply.

Now, You Must Do Some or All of This For Yourself!


Continue With Part II.!


Expedient Home Shelter!

And...How To Make One!

Be Practiced In This Now...The Radiation Will Come Suddenly When The Bomb Goes Off, If You're Not Ready!


Go Here And Learn More:

You Will Need To Know The Meter Ranges of The Meter You Get!

Meter Ranges & Saturation Points!

Radiation Safety Limits!

NukeAlert ER!

Inspector USB!

Finding The Protection Factor Of A Room In Your Shelter!

710 Rule!

However, These Are Estimates.

Have A Radiological Meter!

The 710 Rule. Be Practiced In This Now.


You Need A Radiation Dose Record In Your Home Shelter

For Each Shelteree!

You Need A Radiation Dose Record In Your Home Shelter

Radiation Dose Record With Application

What Happened Here With Such A Small Dose?

Scared Himself Sick!

The Person Recovered Quickly When Shown His Dosimeter Readings, And Was Told He Did Not Receive Enough Dose To Become Sick!
He Was Frightened And His Cortisol (Stress Response) Went Through The Roof
Another Reason You Must Have Dosimeters In Your Home Shelter!
Be Carrying One Yourself!

Dr. "B"s New Book:

Your Home Fallout Shelter

Discusses The Following!

One Method of Stopping Radiation!

New Book By Dr. B: Your Home Fallout Shelter!

Get It At

Go Here For:

CDC Radiation Dictionary

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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