Cop Shoots Self !
What Safe-Gun
Handling Rules Did He Break ?

  • Do a Tactical (Physical) and Visual Inspection of The Gun. ---Mr. Paige did neither.

    Comment: When ever you put a gun down, even for a second, and turn away from it, when you pick it up again, Do a tactical and visual inspection of the weapon once more.
  • Rack The Slide Back Several Times To Eject Any Cartridges That May Have Missed Your Tactical and Visual Inspection of The Gun.---Mr. Paige did neither.

    Comment: Mr. Lee Paige did not retract back the slide numerous times nor did he perform a Tactical and Visual Inspection.
  • Never Place Your Finger on The Trigger Until The Sights are on The Target and You Have Made The Mental Articulation to Fire---Mr. Paige did neither.
    Comment: It could be, that the trigger of the gun caught on his clothes and fired...this has happened often enough with Glocks, such that there should be some sort of warning regard to Glocks. And his being such a professional, he should have known this.
  • Never Point The Gun Muzzle at Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy. ---Mr. Paige did neither.
    Comment: Obviously, he did not follow this rule because he covered his own body with the muzzle, and shot himself with his own gun. It appears from the video clip that he may have also covered the audience to the left of him on occasion. He should have known this too, being such a professional.

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