" Duty To Retreat "

     "Right now, there is a portion of the Texas Penal Code that could be interpreted to mean that you are required to retreat from a criminal threatening you rather than employ deadly force to protect yourself and your family. Your actions could be examined, after the fact, by a:
Meddlesome judge, a misguided jury, or other interfering officials unsympathetic to your rights to your own home, and you could face unpleasant consequences.

    "Simply put, this is outrageous. Law-abiding Texans anywhere in the state where they have a legal right to be should not have to give ground to hoodlums threatening their lives. We intend to see to it that the "duty to retreat" clause is removed from the penal code.

Defend Your Home
To Court

    "All of us know that using a firearm in our own defense carries serious legal liabilities. As it stands now, a criminal shot in your home, even while committing a criminal act, can sue in our courts. He can hold you and/or your insurance companies responsible for his injuries..

    "This is preposterous! A criminal in the act of committing a crime should count himself lucky to get taxpayer-funded medical attention for his injuries or a taxpayer-funded burial as a pauper. The fact that he can sue a law-abiding homeowner who defended his home is simply unbelievable. We intend to give Texans relief from legal liability that arises from a justifiable defensive shooting."

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