Possible Alternatives
To By-Pass Surgery


I've had a CT-scan that my doctor says shows I have 75% blockage high in several of my coronary arteries. He's talking by-pass surgery. Is there anything I can do to avoid this major surgery?


Most definitely. As I see it, and supported by scientific research, to give you more time as you work to clear your arteries out, there are 4 things you can do.

  • Have your doctor prescribe natural testosterone cream after running the appropriate tests, such as a digital rectal exam of your prostate, a complete CBC and blood chemistry profile, C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, PSA, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, and Estradiol.
  • The testosterone cream should give you some leeway by opening your arteries wider. There is a tendency to relieve the coronary arteries of spasm. It doesn't remove the plaque that's there, but it does tend to keep new therosclerotic plaques from forming .

    The Title of the Rotterdam Study that was published in 2002 (Hak AE, Whitteman JC, de Jong FH, Geerlings MI, Hofman A, Pols HA. J. CL. Endocrinol. Metab. 2002, Aug; 87(8): 3632-9) says it all:
    'Low Levels of Endogenous Androgens Increase the Risk of Atherosclerosis in Elderly Men: The Rotterdam Study.'

    The researchers concluded, "We found an independent, inverse association between levels of endogenous testosterone and severe aortic atherosclerosis and progression of aortic atherosclerosis in men."

    This study conclusively pointed out the fact that men with high levels of testosterone had lower levels of coronary artery disease.

    Yet most doctors say the opposite because they are not aware of the facts. It makes one wonder why the Institute of Medicine would say, in regard to heart and vascular diseases concerning testosterone, that its role "has yet to be determined."

    We suspect it has to do with the edible oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists.

  • We suggest Matthias Rath's research organization, which has shown a number of documented cases that large doses of Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids, we would add) taken simultaneously with large doses of cellular nutrients, has reduced coronary artery plaque. The nutrients in addition to Vitamin C were Proline and Lysine, two amino acids. We would suggest 500 mg of Proline and 500 mg Lysine three times a day. Carlson Laboratories makes just such a compound, called Pro-Rite. With this, take 10 grams per day of Vitamin C, as suggested by Nobel-Prize-winning scientist, Linus Pauling, who lived into his 90's.
  • What the Rath organization is probably not aware of is that Lysine may make one less vulnerable to anthrax, in the event of a bioterrorism attack (See Chemical\Biological WarFare...How You Can Survive.)

    Your doctor is to be complimented on recommending the Ultrafast Computed Tomography test (Ultrafast CT). By turning up the gain, they can shoot just far enough through the coronary arteries to produce a sagittal (side) section of those arteries, looking at them to ascertain their patency--how empty they are of plaque. It would be similar to a 3-dimensional MRI showing a normal brain that would highlight the pituitary stalk, the pituitary gland, pons and other connecting structures. It is a non-invasive procedure, which is rapidly gaining acceptance. The nice thing about the Ultrafast CT Scan is that it now allows us to measure the size of the coronary artery deposits without invading the body with needles, dyes and risk. Hence, the beauty of non-invasive techniques.

  • The third step is to hope that the research now in progress that has an Italian's HDL cholesterol being chemically made by a pharmaceutical company that shows great promise, and would probably be on the market in a year, and that you will be able to get it. The problem is, it is going to be prohibitively expensive, like many drugs that cost a few cents to a dollar to make, and you pay over a hundred dollars per month to buy. This one, you will have to take as an injection or IV under medical supervision.
  • The HDL from this Italian donor, that has set off such a scramble, removes the LDL from the plaque formation, increasing the patency, or opening of the coronary artery. If this happens there, it also happens in the brain and elsewhere in the body where one may be having a problem and not even know it.

    Also, consider aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimidex, a prescription drug by AstraZenica Pharmaceuticals LP, or Chrysin, taken with Bioperine, products available over the counter in your natural foods store. If your testosterone is low due to aromatization, you could block considerable estrogen fromation and make more testosterone available.

  • You can use "The Calcium Bomb" therapy. There has been good success applying this technique. The idea is that atherosclosis is due to nano-bacteria and in involves a treatment you do at home. Many cardiologist now are using this technology in their practice. For more information, get the book, "The Calcium Bomb" from Amazon.com

  • Leaky Bladder


    I am a 60 year old woman with 3 children. I have a leaky bladder and a problem with passing urine, gas or fecal matter spontaneously anytime I cough, laugh, or do certain types of exercise. Is there anything you can suggest, other than surgery?


    You would probably experience great relief soon if you obtain from your compounding pharmacy a testosterone cream consisting of 3 to 6 mg of natural testosterone per gram of cream. Apply this cream to the gynecological perineum (the area between the anus and the vagina), 3 to 5 times a week.

    This cream, combined with Kegel exercises, can work wonders in cases of leaky bladder in both males and females which is caused by what you describe--stress incontinence.

    A woman can also apply a testosterone cream with 0.25 mg testosterone per gram of cream directly into the vagina with a vaginal applicator. This also works wonders. This is information not generally appreciated by your average allopathic doctor.

    The problem of leakage from the bladder and anus when dancing, laughing, or running is an androgenic problem, caused by a loss of androgenic hormones as one ages. Restoring these hormones helps restore lost muscle tone in the region known as the "levator ani," which is the pelvic sling that holds all these organs up and prevents them from leaking. These muscles are loaded with testosterone receptors.

    Another cream, for intravaginal use, that can be compounded by a compounding pharmacy would contain Estradiol, 0.25 mg/gram, plus testosterone 0.25 mg/gram in a cream base, and used intravaginally 3 times a week until results are obtained, then once or twice a week for maintenance. (Shippen, Eugene, M.D., & William Fryer, The Testosterone Syndrome, Pages 156, 209.)

    If your doctor feels a cream like this would not help your stress incontinence and won't prescribe the cream, then search internet pharmacies and call them to consult with their physician. After the physician takes a medical history and have you run certain blood tests at the nearest Lab Corp Medical Laboratory Testing Center, he will consider the prescribe for the cream, and their compounding pharmacy will fill the prescription if need be. This is the best you can do, unless you find a good alternative medical doctor in your immediate area.

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