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    What Projection Fits You?

  • Do You Project
    • Weakness.

    • Insecurity.

    • Lack of Strength.

    • Lack of Confidence, And...

    • A Non–Agressive Spirit.

    When Having To Fight For Your Life? What has your training taught you?

    II. Do You Project:
    1. Strength!

    2. Confidence!

    3. Security!

    4. Aggressiveness!

    5. A Strong Spirit!

    6. You Will Not Give Up! You Will Fight To The Finish!

        First and foremost, does the weapon you have fit your body structures? Do you lean forward or back when shooting a pistol, or any other weapon?

        Do you have the right stance and body positioning for the weapon(s) you will be using very soon? Such as, when using a revolver, have you been taught the 'Parallel Thumb Grip' grip with the Wedge Hold and index fingers parallel and equidistance from the grip using the Isosceles Stance; or, the Wedge Grip when using the Weaver Stance with thumbs up (Flying Thumb Grip); then, just folding down the thumbs not to come below the safety. Thumbs beneath the safety can cause the safety to be pushed up, locking the barrel back as the action cycles. Much of what you have just read comes from John Farnam's Defensive Training Institute.

        Have You Been Taught how to stay in control when involved in a combat situation, and what happens to a shooter when under stress, that has not been taught these things? There is more to shooting than just firing at targets that do not fire back, and the targets are not moving, weaving, ducking, etc. And, when to reload during such an encounter that could claim your life?

        Have you been taught the Psycho–Dynamics, which includes no talking to theThreat or Threats, when they come upon you suddenly? Do you know Situational Awareness?

        Are your Six Senses Trained for unusual Sights, Sounds, Smells & Odors, including Touch!

    Study & Understand What You See Below!


    The Gun Is Too Heavy For This Student; The Stock Too Long & Shooter May Fall Backwards During A Stress–Fire Situation!

    Gun Doesn't Fit Shooter!

    Shooter Is Having To Also Cantiliver Shoulders Back To Aim This 12 Gauge Shotgun

    Here, The Shooter Is Trying To Use A "Big Boomer" From The Pistol Isosceles Stance!

    Shooter Doesn't Fit Gun!

    Knowing The Following Can Solve A Lot of Problems With The Shotgun & Other Rifles!

    And If This Is Too Much For One, Learn To Shoot The Shotgun & Rifle From The Hip...

    Smoking The Clays Develops Confidence In Self!

    Using The Mossberg 930 SemiAutomatic Shotgun

    In Self-Defense, You Must Project Strength, Confidence & Aggressiveness!


    Burn This Into Your Memory & Practice it:


    This Teaches You Many Things:


    What Does This Teach One?

    What Does This Teach One?

    Don't Hesitate!

    A Matter That Must Be Discussed!

        If you allow the threat or threats to get your weapon away from you, they will use it against you in a most likely torturous manner. If a woman, they may literally rape you with it, and then pull the trigger with the barrel in one of your bodily orifices!

        This is why you must avoid hesitation, as they will be reading you like a map, and talking themselves closer to you to make the 'grab'.

        This is a Psychosexual Murder! In one such case, the threat used a shotgun against his victim, because she allowed him to get too close, grabbing the barrel; then, the threat made her Suck the barrel, as she was crying, and when he got his satisfaction from this degraded act, he pulled the trigger!

        Tears were found on the lower lip, The Eyes and Brain were blown out. The skull was partially exploded from the in to the outside. Tremendous pressure of the blast created a back pressure in the cranial vault region. This is too horrible to show, however, all one needs to know is, Don't Hesitate!

    What Gets Innocent People Killed In Gun Fights:

    "Remember above all that the thing that kills innocent people in gunfights is their own morally-inbred hesitation to kill fellow beings.

    "It is not a consideration shared by the criminals the private citizen may someday face."---In The Gravest Extreme. Massad F. Ayoob, p. 117.

    We Are Now Into Extremely Hard Times!

    Comet Hitting Rotating Earth!

    These Are In Our Future:

    Nuclear War

    Nuclear Blast

    Nuclear War On A City!

    Nuclear War With Russia!

    ... To Be Continued ...

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Reference:Cornell Law School]

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