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Protective Measures & Decontamination Procedures! Part IV.

The Following Is Adapted From Introduction To Radiological Monitoring (HS3)


    If available during this horrendous time of No Roads; Cities Down; Grid Down; Unbelievable Pain And Suffering; but, if you store petrol and kept your vehicle(s) in a back garage and they need a little digging to get out of the rubble and still run, then you can use them on outside missions!

    If, before the attack occurs, as just given, get your vehicles into garages; or, place them under plastic or fabric covers including large tarps in advance of the nuclear attack. By planning this way, you have protected your vehicle from contamination by radioactive fallout particles.

    Also, buy large lead sheating at a local hardware store or electrical supply house and raise the hood and 'wrap' the vehicles motor in it. Have another large sheet 'wrapped' upward from the ground to stop neutron reflection, a form of 'Skyshine'!

    A closed vehicle can provide good protection against contamination from fallout radioactive particulate matter, but not much against highly penetrating Gamma Rays; unless wrapped with enough lead sheats about 1/2 inch thick or more. Or, double or tripple them.

    This way, if all the electronics are covered, including the inside dash board down to the floor, you just may survive the accompying EMP of any nuclear bomb that explodes!

    If you have to go on an emergency detail as a Radiological Defense Monitor or Officer; then, keep the vents closed; air conditioner off; and vents closed and windows rolled up; otherwise, you will be or may be contaminating the inside of the vehicle with radioactive particles. And, without mask, goggles, wide–brim hat, gloves, etc., as the interior of the vehicle becomes contaminated, you will become contaminated too!

    If your vehicle is in a garage or warehouse and the building's doors and windows are open, the vehicle's interior, if its windows are cracked and the vents open, then your auto's interior can become contaminated, as well as its exterior; but, the the warehouse and building's doors and windows are closed, your vehicle is protected from contamination.

    If you have been driving through radiation fallout, it would be a good idea to drive into your garage if you can get the doors opened electrically or mechanically and then hose down the vehicle. Most loose dirt, mud, and fallout contamination free on the vehicle or combined with the fallout, dust, or mud will be washed off. Leave it there and allow it to decay!

    However, the vehicle's vibration is constantly shaking off the fallout, and when you get to your Home Fallout Shelter, have someone watching for you so they can mechanically open the garage doors; but, they must be gloved, masked, goggled, hatted and with long raincoat on over boots. Drive in quickly and carefully and help them physically close the garage doors. You should be wearing similar apparel as the one who opened the garage door(s) for you. Do not tarry; Get them closed fast!

Protection Against Infections Coming From Radioactive Fallout

     This is what Dr. "B" said from top writers in Health Physics:

    The U.S. Government has stockpiled Prussian Blue (PB) which enhances the excretion of Cesium 137 by means of ion exchange and reduces its biological half-life to approximately one third of its normal value. Physicians have tried to get it, but the government keeps it locked up for when it needs it as in a nuclear war...which is coming soon. It is stockpiled in the National Strategic Stockpile.

    However, Dr. "B" offers this--leave it to him...Wow! With Uranium exposure, the kidney is the first organ to show chemical damage. Oral doses or infusions of Sodium Bicarbonate help alkalinize urine, thereby promoting excretion of the nontoxic uranium carbonate complex. For inhalation of actinides (uranium, thorium, Americium ...), the Treatment of Choice is intravenous chelation therapy using Ca-DTPA and Zn-DTPa, perferably within 6 h of exposure. But, Dr. "B" emphasizes, that will not be available then, during this extremely harsh time, and he will go with the Sodium bicarbonate tablets or the Arm & Hammer powder mixed in solution several times daily or earlier before the Fallout Arrives and will sip on it several times daily when Fallout begins to arrive!

    Plus, he will be using at this time EDTA Tablets at the same time—Get Them Now At Your Natural Foods Store!

    Therefore, have on hand, the following:

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Rugby Baking Soda Tablets Alkalife Tablets

Dr. "B" also spoke on this, which we were very impressed with.

"'Intestinal epithelial cells, like bone marrow cells, are readily killed by ionizing radiation. Local inflammation that results from cell death alters the permeability of the intestine.

"'In addition, sublethal doses of ionizing radiation alter the mucin layer at the epithelial surface of the intestine where most of the intestinal microorganisms are found.

"'Radiation alters the balance of the microbial flora in the gut. These local changes enable opportunistic pathogens to overgrow the normal intestinal flora and enable translocation of the pathogens from the intestine to other body tissues that are normally sterile, leading to system infection!

"'Similarly, radiation induces inflammation in the lung that can interfere with normal pulmonary host defense, thereby increasing susceptibility to infection.

"'With normal barriers to infection compromised and the body's defense mechanisms impaired, an infection can become overwhelming, resulting in death. When radiation injury is combined with exposure to highly infectious pathogens, fewer microbes are needed to establish an infection and the clinical manifestations are more severe.

"'Vulnerability to viral agents may be greater than with bacteria because many viral pathogens directly impair immune function.

"'Accepted preventative and treatment strategies for minimizing disease in a host with an intact immune system are inadequate when host defenses have been compromised by exposure to radiation.'"

    Dr. "B" further emphasized, "This is why, in Your Home Fallout Shelter or elsewhere, it must be continually emphasized, Understand and Explain about Cross-Contamination and Do Not Cross-Contaminate! If elsewhere, this will be a major problem as most do not know what that is, nor will they follow clean habits!

    Therefore, wherever you end up, have and be on now PB-8, PB–8, a probiotic with Lactobacillius Plantarum, a most powerful probiotic that fights against everything! Get it at a natural food stores...PB - 8. This is the best I have found and used!

    He gave this one last thought while on this subject:

Many patients involved in radiation accidents will be externally contaminated. Removing contaminated clothing will eliminate 80 to 90 % of external contamination.

Soap and Water should be the first choice in removing external contamination. Irrigation of contamination in wounds is readily performed using a saline jet under mild pressure, as in a syringe. Ambient radiation levels from contaminated wounds rarely exceed a few tens of microsieverts per hour, and you should not worry about getting an excessive dose of radiation, as the dose will be minimal. The above comes from Health Physics Society 2004 Summer School, Public Protection from Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism; Brodsky, Johnson, Jr., Groans; Editors.

    Dr. "B" further emphasizes that one should have Colloidal Silver for spraying wounds, mouth, nose, and throat areas. It can be used for washing out wounds, after the saline wash, as given earlier. Taking a couple of ounces twice daily when exposed to Radioactive Contaminate, will help in keeping infections at bay. You should also have a broad–based antiobiotic, that is not of the newer ilk. Get and store in a cool, dry place, Tetracycline, 250 to 500 mgs per tablet, for ingestion when sickiness strikes or Acute Radiation Syndrome! Take throughout the Prodromal Stage!

You Need This Chart:

The Periodic Chart


Reducing Your Total Radiation Exposure!

Get These Items & Carry Them In Your Run Bag!


    You should get a Big Berkey with extra filters; a Katadyne (pocket water filter), and/or make the following from the Schematic given. They all remove Radioactive Particulate Matter:

Creating Your Own Water Filter_Water1


Radiological Emergency Manual For Livestock, Poultry, And Animal Products:

Comet Hitting Rotating Earth!

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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