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Protective Measures & Decontamination Procedures! Part II: Reducing Fallout Exposure To A MinimumSee Fallout Chart After Water Purification.

The Following Is Adapted From Introduction To Radiological Monitoring (HS3)

    You want to keep Fallout Exposure (Dose, given in R) to a minimum while on outside missions, such as saving a life; securing more clean food and water (if you ran out because you allowed certain invited guests, who brought uninvited friends, which ran down your supplies and your shelter space, which should be 10 square feet of space for each occupants) put out a fire; or, secure medical supplies.

    Exposure must be also kept down while inside your Home Fallout Shelter. We'll show you the 'Rotational Method' by allotting certain areas in your shelter to two or three people, Known as Group I; another in another area of the shelter, called Group II; and still, if room enough for just a few more, called Group III.

    The main thing is to try and get to your Fallout Shelter before fallout arrives and remain there until your meters tell you it is safe to for you come out. You do this by checking if the R (dosimeter reading: dose) and R/hr (rate from your Survey Meters) are dropping to safe levels, such as background radiation.

    Hence, this is the reason you have taken Background Readings of each area you considered safe, and posted them in each area saying where you stood to take the readings. This is very important, to retake periodically the meter readings using your CD V–700 (low range); CD V–715 (high range), to ascertain if readings of radiation or rising in a certain area and/or falling.

    At first, readings will be rising and changing as more radiation moves in and depending upon the Shielding (Mass) and Distance you have from the Radiation Fallout source in your Home Fallout Shelter. Also, the further you are in your shelter from the source(s), the more Time you have given yourself and shelterees to avoid contamination that is heavy and the small amount you get, your body has a chance to heal, repair, and build for maintaining health.

    The Rotational Method: As radiation levels rise or drop in various parts of the shelter; so one gets a constant higher dose level, say in Group I, rotate them to Group II, who has a lower level than Group I area; and, Group III is moved to Group II, with this group taking Group III's place. This is done periodically so that one one gets lower doses; nor higher doses; nor medium doses all the time. This way, you are giving their respective bodies healing and repair time!

    However, the sick and elderly, as well as pregnant women, should be rotated to the best areas as they develop.

    Waiting For Fallout To Arrive...And, When It Arrives, you can expect some people in your shelter to develop severe anxiety, as they do not, according to a recent government report, understand Radiation. Most first responders are extremely scared of it and thus, will not go out in it. This is a severe lack of training, even though they were trained somewhat in this. Read About It Here! Allow Several Minutes for Download.

    You meters will tell you when Fallout is Arriving. Or, though it can't be accurately predicted where it will fall out of the sky and be deposited below; nor, can it be ascertained as to when it will arrive. This depends on the wind, size of the bomb burst, and the number of bomb bursts. As your company in your Shelter are awaiting this too, do not be surprised if they have a party attitude and want to have a 'good' time. You cannot allow this, because when it does arrive, you may hear screams and cries of, "I don't want to die!" Or, "What do we do now?" and some may just swoon away and lie there unconscious.

    However, when Fallout Arrives, there may be a gritty dust or dirt coming down and your first indication is the sound of it hitting your home, windows, any metal or other substances it strikes making a plinking sound! The reason for this is because this is prompt radiation and it is the heavier particles that come down first, within 24 hours. You can, before Fallout Arrives, put White Paper Plates out in various places of your yard from various windows in your shelter, and as the plates fill up with what looks like sand; or, salt—that is Fallout Coming down...It has Started! Remember what you just read: Most do not understand Radiation and are scared to death by it.

    If any of your people are having a really rough time with Fallout's Arrival, you can given them Lithium Orotate, which has a calming effect, or the herbal pill, 'Calms Forte' and some magnesium, also a calmitive!

    When Fallout does indeed arrive, you primarily are concerned about Gamma Radiation and its absorption in vital internal organs. If you are out in the radiation, and are making your way to your Home Fallout Shelter, don't inhale or breathe in alpha and beta radioactive particles. Beta particles on the skin can cause Beta Burns, if not brushed off quickly!

    Beta particles can cause lung burns; therefore, it is wise to have on you at all times in your bag you carry as discussed in Part I, Wrap Around Goggles; Respirator; and Wide-Brim hat including whiskbroom.

How To Use A Respirator_NYCOSH

    Remember this: Inhaling or ingesting radioactive particles in food and water, and contamination by fallout particles on one's clothing is a threat to your health; but, the largest threat to one's health is from gamma radiation that may be absorbed by the body.

    There will be no effective warning system! The arrival of The EMPs; The Bombs, will be sudden and irrevocable! Study and keep abreast of The Signs of The Times, because if you suspect fallout is arriving, check the white paper plates at various windows on the outside of the shelter, as it may be falling in one place, due to wind, rain, snow, etc., and not showing at another place you laid the white plastic plates. Keep in mind, fallout consists of earth particles, weapon debris, and other materials that were drawn up into the mushroom cloud, that literally Falls back to earth; hence, the name Fallout!

    Since this is a hazard, it is a threat to Survival. One must keep fallout contamination to a minimum. If you can register radiation on your meters, or see it in one form or another, this becomes a survival mode, since fallout will be visible as well as registered on your Dosimeter(s) and Survey Meters.

    However, do not panic! Talk yourself through it by recalling what you're reading now...memorize it. Panic wastes time and impedes proper decision making. When fallout is arriving before you reach your shelter, what's one to do?

    Keep radioactive debris, Fallout Particles from reaching your skin. Get rid of braids, long hair, grease in the hair, as this makes it all the more harder to wash and clean braids, greasy hair, etc., especially when water will be scarce and only for drinking at this time. Cover your head with a hat, or newspaper or some other material to keep fallout from depositing on your head.

    You must also keep it from your skin. If the fallout particles are allowed to remain on your skin for three hours or more; maybe less, they can generate Beta burns. And, if you can't reach your shelter before the arrival of fallout, you should adjust your clothes to cover as much skin as possible; and, cover your head with hat or newspaper so some similar material, if you do not have a wide–brimmed hat available. Whatever you do, make it quickly to the shelter.

    Harmful fallout particles are often visible. When observed on your clothes, you can brush them off. However, do not overly delay entry into your shelter! Have with you are all times now, a small whiskbroom. It is not a good idea to carry fallout into your shelter. Whoever or whomever you are having come to your shelter, have rules laid down and given to each shelter member before the time comes. Do this in advance. Don't just tell family and friends invited, give them the Shelter Rules and have several meetings to go through them several times.

Shelter Rules

Can Be Something Like This:


Once they get to your shelter, you will give each person a copy of your Shelter Rules. But before the necessity arises and they accept your invitation and come, here are what we call the Preliminary Rules that people must understand before they come to your shelter.

The First Rule, and one that you had better make sure is explicitly laid out and understood is: Do Not Bring Anyone With You. There Is No Room At The Inn!

The Second Rule is that if a person has special needs in terms of diet or medications, he has the responsibility to provide these for himself, as you would have no way of doing so.

The Third Rule is that if they have pets, they must make other arrangements for their pets. If they feel they cannot be separated from their pet, then they had best set up their own home shelter.

The Fourth Rule is that radios and I-pods are not allowed at a time like this. No one wants to listen to anyone else’s noise. Cell phones will likely not be working after an attack, and if they are, they may not be rechargeable if the electricity is out.

The Fifth Rule is that you must bring your own reading matter or crossword puzzles or whatever quiet entertainment you enjoy.

The Sixth Rule is that everyone should bring a change of clothes and socks, along with a whisk broom and small dust pan. This is in case they are caught in fallout and need to decontaminate themselves and change into uncontaminated clothing before coming into the shelter area. If they come to your shelter after fallout is already falling, they should protect themselves by wearing a big hat, gloves, boots, and a raincoat. Then they can shed these outer garments in one of the outer rooms before coming into the shelter.

The Seventh Rule is that there will be no talk about what food is served, or what foods they wish were being served. Talking about food brings images and desires into peoples’ minds, and the next thing you know, there will be grumbling and complaints about what is served. This will generate a severe discipline problem!

The Eighth Rule is that there will be no exercise during the shelter period. Everyone will rest quietly and read or pursue other quiet activities, as calories and water may be very restricted and nobody needs heat or humidity buildup to become a problem in the shelter.

The Ninth Rule is that there will likely be no capacity for excessive personal care. In other words, people will not be able to do more than sponge off, assuming the water supplies hold up. The problem will usually be caused by people who have dreadlocks, braids or some other hairstyle loaded with lots of hair pomade or hair oil who are out in active fallout and get it in their hair. In a situation like this, there will be no way for them to shampoo their hair and get rid of fallout that could easily be brushed from normal hair. If there is someone who favors a hairstyle like this that you’d like to invite to your shelter, bear this problem in mind. Also, all shelterees should avoid the use of perfumes.

The Tenth Rule is that anyone with a baby must bring all the required baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, etc.

The Eleventh Rule is that everyone coming to your shelter must bring a box of white plastic garbage bags (13 gallon) and a box of Wet Wipes, preferably two boxes of each. The bags are useful for many shelter operations, and it would be hard for you to store as many as you would likely need in a case where other people come to your shelter. The same is true of Wet Wipes. In a situation with no running water, people will use plenty of them.

The Twelfth Rule is that there can be no smoking. People can’t be sneaking outside for a smoke, nor can they smoke inside the shelter or your dwelling. No matter where they go inside to smoke, other shelterees will be forced to inhale some of their smoke. If they are always going outside, they will be out in the fallout unnecessarily and bringing it back in with them. If you don’t smoke, it is best not to have a smoker in your shelter.

Once each person comes into your shelter, give them a copy of your “Shelter Rules.” The purpose of these rules is to make the shelter stay easier on everyone and to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

An example of such Shelter Rules follows:

Shelter Rules

Bring no one else with you to the shelter.

Bring all special foods and medications you require.

No pets are allowed.

Radios, I-Pods and other noise-makers are not allowed.

Bring your own reading matter or other quiet entertainment items.

Bring a whisk broom and a change of clothes in case your clothing should get contaminated.

No discussion of what food is served or what you wish was served. Eat what is set before you without complaint!

No exercise allowed during the shelter period.

There are no facilities for excessive personal care.

If you have a baby, you must bring all required baby supplies, such as diapers, formula, baby food, etc.

Bring with you 2 boxes of 13-gallon white garbage bags and 2 boxes of Wet Wipes.

No smoking, drinking, or recreational drug use.

To Avoid All These Problems Have No One In Your Personal Shelter Except Your Immediate Family, Who Have Been Trained By You.

    If radioactive particulate lands on a window sill, the sill is not radioactive; but, is contaminated with radioactive matter. The same goes for the air itself; it is not radioactive, just contaminated with ratioactive particulate matter.

    When fallout is arriving, hurry to the shelter as fast as possible. Adjust clothing to cover as much skin as possible. brush your clothes to remover fallout particles.

When You Arrive At The Shelter

Do The Following

    To prevent fallout matter entering with you, brush your clothes to remove fallout matter; stomp and shake your shoes to remove as much fallout as possible; do not delay the entry of of people into the fallout shelter, even though some may be contaminated. Therefore, this demands the fallout shelter have an isolated room or anteroom for one to dust off; to remove outer garments; then, go into the protected area. One should consider having a family member to serve as Receptionist to direct and tell people what to do. Receptionist should be gloved, masked, hatted, and dosimetered up!

    One can immediately see from the immediate above why you want an extra set of outer garmets with you! Also, they can be washed, if facilities are available, in detergent and water and with Borax in the wash solution. Borax removes dirt thoroughly; remember, treat fallout matter as dirt!

    And don't fail to include in your run bag several Moldex Mask. Start Carrying 'The Bag' in your Run Vehicle or with you everywhere now.

Moldex Mask

Are You Ready?

Do Not Forget The Moldex Mask...The Respirator!


    You should get a Big Berkey with extra filters; a Katadyne (pocket water filter), and/or make the following from the Schematic given. They all remove Radioactive Particulate Matter:

Creating Your Own Water Filter_Water1


    Observe These Precautions When Radiation Levels Reach an unsheltered dose rate of the following:

  1. < (Less Than) 0.5 R/hr: Essential precautions should be observed, such as Respirator Mask; Goggles; Wide-Brim Hat; Full Length Raincoat Down To Your Ankles; Boots and their tops up under the bottom of the raincoat; Whiskbroom and Gloves. You can only stay out in this for a few hours per day. You should sleep in the shelter. You must give your exposed body time for healing and repairing!

  2. 0.5 R/hr to 2 R/hr: Same precautions as above. Activities should be restricted to essential duties, such as put out a fire; secure food and water; acquire medical supplies; save a life. Do not stay out more than two hours per any one day!

  3. 2 – 10 R/hr: Hold time outside the shelter for no more than a few minutes a day for absolutely essential purposes!

  4. > (Greater Than) 100 R/hr: No outside activities permitted!

    We Feel This Is So Important, Review This Again: Precautions

Comet Hitting Rotating Earth!

These Are In Our Future:

Nuclear War

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear War On A City!

Nuclear War With Russia!

... To Be Continued ...

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