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Kong Here Folks!

I asked Dr. "B" to allow me to write of some of the things he spoke of and taught us on The Convoy Trek.

And, here it is, friends:


Since most of you men live in brick homes, if a warning is given to vacate a city that incoming missiles will arrive within an hour, and you do not live in the city at ground zero for so many miles, but live out past the suburbs, then, do you really want to chance a panic run and get caught on the highway with scared, frightened people thinking only of getting as far away as possible?

If you do run as such, then you just may run right into another incoming missile as the enemy will pulverize the entire area with them. If one vehicle breaks down in the panic run, then a crash occurs, there will then be a bottleneck and no one gets out.

There will also be heart attacks, panic attacks, and other problems that will ensue and cause the escape route to be congested. Remember the flight from Paris in World War II, as the Nazis marched into Paris.



Dr. "B"s Advice:



Evacuating into the open may invite small to serious radiation after the Flash wave with its burning heat passes; then, the blast wave arrives, but if you are more than 25 miles or more from a 15 kiloton or 30 kiloton nuclear bomb blast, you will know by 2 minutes passing and the earth rumbling. In the air, the blast wave takes about 5 seconds to travel 1 mile; in the ground, if a surface or near surface burst, the blast wave travels faster and you would notice the earth rumbling and quaking. This is warning that something has hit the area and you should get in a culvert, basement shelter; or, if on piers, under your house with a shovel and house jack.

Knowing that an attack is going to be imminent, cut boards and nail them around the outside to help keep out the fallout when it arrives; you could dig a trench for at least three feet or more; lie in it, and cover self with dirt. If caught out in the open, you can do the same under your vehicle, piling the dirt up to the floorboards of the vehicle. Get into the trench and dig more, heaping more dirt up and around the underside of the vehicle.

We will divide into teams of 4 each, assuming that is how many are in our trucks, cars, etc.,. We will pantomine driving off the highway, stopping the vehicle, marking quickly around it; then, driving it past the marks. Where the outline is, we will dig a 3 foot or more trench, depending upon the time element. Then, moving the car back over the dugout trench, we will slide under and into the trench as we have already piled three or more feet of solid earth, packed down into a square or rounded mound, protecting us from fallout. The dugout protects us from beneath and from the sides. The mound of dirt up to the floor of the vehicle, protects us from the sides and the vehicle with windows rolled up and room and floor, will protect us from the top. However, I feel it best to cover, if possible, with several inches of dirt, our bodies.

If an attack occurs a number of miles from your city area and you are in a building; go immediately to the center of the structure and lie flat in a hall with no windows. All this demands, and that is why you are here, to know what to do—do it, and have your meters with you. I recommend the Inspector EXP Pancake Meter, the NukeAlert ER, and the RadTriage card; also, if a fire breaks out, you definitely want to have the Carbon Monoxide indicators, too! Have them on or with you all the time within the next 6 to 8 months.

Stay there for hours—days up to 3 to 4 weeks, if your meters indicate heavy radioactivity as the fallout cloud passes. It would be wise to have a small backpack jammed with foodbars and water, so you can Shelter in Place. This would also be if you are in a department store; simply go to their basement. By staying on your job and knowing what to do you will not evacuate into the open, with possibly disastrous results.

Do not expect any help from anybody!

The United States, the Free World, everywhere, will be going up in smoke and flames and radioactivity. You men from America, your government won't know what to do if 500 nuclear warheads pound the states. All of you here, will have to be your own first responders and you are learning what to do; how to do it; when to do it!

The most important thing is to have, know, understand, and USE your meters. All this training will do you no good if you think, and this will happen, 'I don't have a meter, but I have sheltered for several weeks, applied the 7/10 rule Dr. "B" taught me, and it should be safe to go out from here.'

But, the enemy will hit from another direction; then another, and another, such that they will cross-section an area, and you just may run into another Plume of Radioactivity!



The 7/10 Rule!





The 7/10 Rule



He Also Handed Out These Cards:

My Advice:

Print Out The Following For Each Responsible Member of Your Family

Have Them Keep Them Nearby!





Adapted by: Homeland Security Committee of the Health Physics Society http://hps.org/hsc/

(1) Duck & cover when you see a flash: Stay down behind cover for at least two full minutes. Any type of cover could prevent serious burns and injuries from flying and falling debris such as broken glass. Keep your eyes closed during the bright light to prevent blindness.

(2) Go in. Stay in. Tune in. Shelter-in-place by going underground or to the center of a middle floor of a nearby, stable, large building. If at home, go to the basement or a ground floor room the farthest from outside. Close windows and doors. It may be necessary to shelter for 24 to 48 hours. Keep disaster kits containing food, water, medications, and other supplies in your vehicle, at work, and at home (see reverse side). Maintain communications (Rule 5).

(3) Radioactive fallout could look like sand, silt, smoke, or even ash that will fall and accumulate on the ground and horizontal surfaces. The direction of the fallout cloud spread depends on surface AND upper level winds. Stay upwind especially if it is daylight and you can see the direction of the fallout cloud. Any visible fallout represents immediate danger and exposure to even small amounts, only detectable by radiation monitoring instruments, should be avoided.

(4) Radiation levels from deposited fallout decrease rapidly in the hours after detonation. As a rule of thumb, if fallout deposition is complete by 1 hour after detonation, the radiation level at 7 hours drops to 10% of the radiation level at 1 hour, and the radiation level at 2 days drops to 1% of the radiation level at 1 hour. However, depending on wind and weather, fallout deposition miles from a detonation may continue or even begin after 1 hour, and the radiation level may rise at first before dropping off.

(5) Maintain communications with local authorities by monitoring the radio, TV, or the Internet. Follow the directions of local authorities.

(6) Protective equipment for the public: Fallout contamination will collect on outer garments and exposed body parts. Masks or improvised breathing protection (several layers of cloth) may be used during fallout cloud passage.

(7) Contamination removal: To avoid bringing fallout contamination into your shelter or home, most contamination can be removed by taking off the outer layer of clothes, wiping exposed hair and skin areas, and/or by taking a shower.

(8) Orderly evacuation of your shelter-in-place location when told by authorities it is safe to leave the area. Do not leave your shelter to pick up children. Children will be sheltered at their school/care location and evacuated as directed by authorities. Follow the directions of emergency responders.

(9) Hazard avoidance: Unless threatened by fire or building collapse, avoid outdoor exposure during the first minutes and hours after the fallout arrives. It is safe to consume food and beverages that were not outside during the fallout cloud passage.

(10) Stay in control: By following the above rules, you will know the proper actions to take and will not panic during a nuclear emergency.

Disaster Kit Contents

A first-aid kit with bandages, gauze, tape, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, pain medication, and cleaning wipes.

  • Three day supply of nonperishable food (canned or freeze-dried) for each family member. Hand-cranked radio so that you can hear disaster reports.

  • Battery-operated cell phone charger.

  • Battery-operated or hand-cranked flashlight. Three day supply of bottled water per person.

  • Nylon or plastic tarp. Mylar blankets. Multipurpose tool. Work gloves.

  • Waterproof matches. Extra batteries. Duct Tape. Extra Clothing.

  • Items for special needs, e.g., infants, elderly. Prescription medication.


Don't Wait...Do It Now!

And, Explain..."Get Them Filled Now!

You Do...Or...No Do!

No Do...You Die!"


Are You Up On Your Respirator? Do You Have A Respirator?

We Recommend The Disposable N95 With The Exhalation Port


How To Use A Respirator_NYCOSH

Ponchos For Radiation Fallout!

Are You Practicing Your Footwork?




Removing The Poncho!




Wash Body And Hair With Soap & Water After Removing The Poncho & Change To Fresh Clothes & Shoes And Socks!


You're Gonna Have To Be Nimble For

The Movement You Will Have To Do To Keep Going



You Can Have Tremendous Fun & Educational Experience With:

The Fox Hunt!




What Dr. "B" Did To Save The Special Agent's Life!

But, Dr. "B" Says He Didn't Do Anything Except That Which Was Proper & Right!




If You Live Near A Nuclear Power Plant & A Nuclear Detonation Occurs Or A Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD—'Dirty Bomb') Is Released Then, Do This...



"You must keep in mind," Dr. "B" explained to us all, "very little is now known about protection and prevention of injuries from such an occurrence. This even goes to the top of the eschaleon of the authorities issuing the mandate to evacuate the city; or land immediately.

Dr. Brodsky, writes, in his book, Actions For Survival:

Citizens should seriously examine the advanced training and reasoning of local government or industrial officials if they are planning evacuations and the circumstances that would activate an evacuation.

Have the ruling authorities considered the public evacuation routes that will be given are known to the enemy and may have more attacks planned to destroy humanity when out in the unprotected open; have they considered the traffic jams that will create a high density of people for the kill? The same is true of the sheltering places the authorities may direct the masses to go to prior to the incoming missiles' detonations.

They are not likely to have provisions such as water, food, medicines for masses of people located here; nor protection if they are directed to 'out of the way' places, such as stadiums, which happened with Katrina. This provides an additional target for the enemy. It is an attractive target of concentrated mankind just ripe for terrorists who want to kill a mass amount of people at once!

In the immediate above, there is no protection from gamma radiation or infiltration of radionuclide particles at these receiving areas.

Hence, if such is the case where you are at a distance from the detonations, 'Shelter In Place' as given elsewhere in this document.



Then Dr. "B" Laid A Bombshell, When He Said This!



If you live near a commerical nuclear reactor plant, and the above announcements for going to a shelter are given. Do not go there. Instead, go to the nuclear reactor facility. There, the containment building is designed to withstand the nuclear flash and thermal wave; the blast wave, unless the detonation is at ground zero there; that is, the nuclear device is detonated there; then, do not be there; otherwise go there. If a terrorist with an RDD, dirty bomb, runs his vehicle into the building, it will withstand the dirty bomb, unless he has driven into the wall his car with a nuclear bomb going off at that moment! An airplane, it should be understood, flown into the nuclear power plant containment building could not penetrate it, unless it had a nuclear bomb also, as the terrorist vehicle, going off at the moment it crashed into the containment wall or shortly afterwards.

Therefore, one should have evacuation plans for getting to nuclear reactor plants in one's area! Or, Shelter in Place at home or where you are finding a basement, or building you may be in at the time of the detonation miles away from you. Go to the middle of the building; thereby having the top and bottom layers of concrete shielding you from the radiation effects; also, lie on your side in the fetal position with hands and arms curled over your head. As soon as you see a erie bright light, Turn, Duck, take Cover. Do not look at the source for the light, as it travels at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second and traveling with it will be the heat it spawns that will cause serious burns. Stay in the hall away from windows! Flying glass becomes flying missiles!

Allen Brodsky, D.Sc., Health Physicist and radiation expert, says, "After a short distance from ground zero, the blast wave travels in air near sea level at the speed of sound, which is about 360 meters per second; this speed decreases with altitude initially. This means it takes about 4.5 seconds to travel one mile at sea level. Rounding this out for easy memory and adequate precision in emergencies, we can remember that the blast wave takes about 5 seconds per mile to reach us at any blast survivor's distance.

This tells you that after a flash of light, there could be at least seconds to duck within a closed room, or within some close shelter before the impact occurs. Also, the light flash of a nuclear bomb will likely remain for several seconds, during which searing heat could cause skin burns."



Dr. "B" says, "The following will get people killed, because they don't know this information. People are getting meters and calling themselves 'First Responders,' even television hosts and internet hosts, and they know nothing about the physics or the mathematics. In fact, Dr. Brodsky and Ted Rockwell, were certain that most of these folks hovering around the edges of the big nuclear tests giving orders did not know what they were doing, referred to them as 'clowns.'

"Many of the people being trained now as first responders and homeland security agents are in much the same boat. They are receiving training from people who don't really understand radiation, but who fear it and any aspect of it! And they never really understand the mathematics of converting from one unit to another. You can imagine the trouble that will ensue if a nuclear incident occurs and these people have to assume responsibility and give orders to the public. Brodsky says the fear and the panic when all this goes down will be due to a current lack of information and mass misinformation."

The Internet is alive right now with speculation, panic, fear, and "mass misinformation"
about the Fukushima incident. There are blogs inciting terror by showing videos of a Geiger counter on a beach that reads five times greater radiation than background, and other blogs insinuating that this level is so high, swimmers on the beach are in danger.

Dr. Allen Brodsky, a health physicist and radiation expert, says in his book, Actions for Survival,

"Although very low, this exposure rate is about six or more times higher than natural background radiation, and will give a visible and audible indication on any Geiger counter instrument, especially those expensive 'pagers' with which many responders are being trained. Many responders trained today would be unduly alarmed at such indications of radiation intensity and would not be able to perform. I do not recommend for responders the types of rate meters or dosimeters that alarm and frighten responders and the public in the mR/hour, or mR exposure, regions."

In Other Words, Six Times The Background Radiation Level Is Very Low,
                                But It Will Ring A Geiger Counter!

It does not take much imagination to see what will occur if a genuine incident, with areas of actually high radiation, takes place in America. Injuries and deaths from panic will be far greater than any caused by the actual radiation.

Getting a meter and reading the meter does not mean anything unless you know what levels are dangerous and what the levels imply! And this takes much study...much work...much thinking. You will immediately see this when you read and study Dr. Allen Brodsky's book, and other intelligence data on this subject. Things have to be put together in regard to exposure time, distancing, and more.


Some of The Things We Tested

For Gaining Practice, Knowledge, & Understanding!




To Do Or Not To Do!

That is the question! If a nuclear detonation, dirty bomb, and/or a nuclear power plant blows, do you take iodine to guard against, hopefully, radioiodine–131? This has been a controversy among many scientists since they developed the bomb.

Many say No! Because iodine is not without its own dangers. One scientist said, "A person may just develop thyrotoxicosis"; too much iodine in the thyroid. Dr. Rosalyn Yalow gives her reasons against KI (potassium iodide) distribution, fearing that there will be some risk of ineffective and improper uses. Chairman of Homeland Security for HPS, 2004, contends the improbability of exposures serious enough to warrant KI for radioactive iodines compared to other things terriorists may come up with.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has gone against this advice and will distribute them if necessary. So, if you feel better taking them for such an emergency, then this is the dose recommendation by the Nuclear Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP):



The recommended dosage of potassium iodide is:
  •   10 mg/day for persons over ten years of age. This includes   pregnant women.

  •   5 mg/day for ages 1–10 years.

  •   2.5 mg/day for infants younger than one year.

When exposure to heavy fallout contamination is anticipated, larger doses of the nonradioactive iodide are advisable initially, i.e., 100 – 200 mg for adults and proportionally smaller doses for children. During the fallout period, in view of the pathway of iodine via grass to cow to milk to man, consumption of contaminated milk can be avoided:
(a) by use of previously canned or powdered milk; (b) by feeding cows on uncontaminated fodder and curtailing grazing; and (c) by processing contaminated milk for later use when radioactivity of the iodines present has decayed to negligible amounts.

Folks! The above is one of the reasons Dr. "B" recommends you get a pancake meter for food testing. Another reason for storing foodstuffs. And, learning NOW to 'Eat Less'! Otherwise, you will go through your foodstuffs...'Like Crap' through a goose! You may be applying one or all these ideas this year!

One seller of The Inspector EXP even tells you how to test for contaminated milk.


[Inspector EXP Worn On Hip!]


Are You Ready To Fly Now?



Testing For Contamination

From A Sitting & Lying Position!






Uranium-238 Breakdown To Lead...Pb-206

Uranium 238 Breakdown To Lead



The Following Chart On Metric Prefixes...You Need!



Chart On Metric Prefixes!



Keep The Following In Mind



    All Over the Earth, radiation reaches people directly from rocks and soils. It may also be emitted from water, and from bricks, cinderblocks, concrete, and other building materials made from rocks and minerals. People who live in brick houses receive more gamma rays than those who live in wooden houses.

    Another source of radiation in our homes is radon gas. It diffuses out of rocks, soil, and building materials as a decay product of the element radium.

    Every living thing contains some radioactive isotopes, including these which may be found in specific parts of the human body. — Radiation: Waves and Particles/Benefits and Risk, Laurence Pringle

A RadBody!




Checking For RadioActivity!




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