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First, Even Before Your Meters, Have An Evaluation Checklist

From Nuclear War Survival Skills, p. 33




Evacuation Checklist

(Includes Items For Building Or Improving Shelters)

    Loading Procedure: Make separate piles for each category (except categories 1 and 5). Then load the car with some items from each category, taking as much as can be safely carried and being careful to leave room for all passengers.




Watch: Fallout




Medicines For Internal Radiation Contamination


    Very few medications are listed for aiding people who have swallowed or breathed in radioactive fallout or contamination. Those that exist are those which are known to bind with the radioactive particles and, hopefully, carry them out of the body via the colon.

Prussian Blue

    One such medicine is Prussian Blue. This substance is a chemical known as ferrous ferrocyanate, with the chemical formula Fe[Fe(CN)], and is a well-known dark blue color. Historically it is one of the first pigments made synthetically, first by two Berlin chemists in 1704. The dark blue uniforms of the Prussian army utilized this color, hence its name.

    Prussian blue is known to bind with radioactive cesium and thallium in the intestines, which keeps these contaminants from being reabsorbed by the body and facilitates their removal from the body via the feces. This action reduces the time the radioactive elements stay inside the body. One CDC source states that Prussian blue reduces the biological half-life of cesium from 110 days to about 30 days, and the biological half-life of thallium from about 8 days to about 3 days, where the biological half-life, or elimination half-life is defined as the amount of time required for a radioactive substance to lose half its radiologic activity by being eliminated from the body. As we have seen earlier, the less time your body spends in contact with radiation, the better, so anything that can speed up the elimination of radioactive particles from the body is a good substance to take during a radiological emergency.

    Prussian blue used to be found fairly easily in old-time pharmacies, but now that RDDs (radiologic dispersal devices) or "dirty" bombs and suitcase nukes are a problem, FEMA and other government agencies have apparently commandeered it. Try finding it now!

    There is a prescription drug called "Radiogardase," which is a dark blue pill in a 500 mg strength of Prussian blue. People who can't swallow capsules are warned that, although they can mix it in food or drink, their mouth and teeth will be blue during the time of treatment. Also people are likely to have blue feces during the treatment. The drug is thought to be safe for everyone, although they don't yet have a dose recommendation for infants up to two years old, and the major side effects appear to be upset stomach and constipation.

    The only problem with this drug is that it does not appear to be available anywhere. In our searches, we ran across one website where a doctor was asking if anyone had any information or a website where he could purchase it. Upon being told it was a prescription drug and he'd need a doctor to prescribe it for him, he replied that he was a doctor, and no pharmacy he had queried had the drug, which led him to believe FEMA and other government agencies had squirreled it all away.

    After our searches of the online "Canadian Pharmacies" in India and Malaysia, we are forced to agree with him. Somebody's got all the Prussian blue, and it ain't us!

Sodium Alginate

    Sodium alginate is a gum-like substance derived from brown seaweed. It is used as a thickener and an emulsifier in the food industry, and also in weight-loss supplements because of its ability to take on water and expand.

    Sodium alginate will also trap radioactive substances in the body, such as iodine-131 and strontium-90, that have replaced their non-radioactive versions.

    Once, you could easily buy sodium alginate tablets in any health food store, but the substance is no longer as easily available as it once was. However, you can still find sodium alginate capsules listed by some online vitamin sellers, and you can order food-grade sodium alginate powder online.


    Bentonite is a clay that contains mostly the clay mineral montmorillonite. Bentonite is another highly absorbent substance, which is also used for "detoxing" the human body. The absorbent clay has the ability to absorb other molecules and carry them from the body via the colon.

    Bentonite clay is one of the items regular readers of the Chembio Update know they should have on hand for use in chemical warfare, as it is highly absorbent and can be used as a powder on the body to help absorb and remove chemical agents. It is also well-known as a detoxifying agent in that it can bind with many toxic agents in the intestines and carry them out. Again, this is described on page 333 of Chemical/Biological WarFare: How You Can Survive:

Yet another substance that binds with and removes toxins from the intestinal tract is Bentonite Clay Powder (Fuller's Earth). It may also work well for radioactive substances that are ingested in food, water, or just swallowed dust. It comes in dry powder or liquid form.

    Dr. Brocato goes on to observe that too much bentonite may cause constipation.

    Cember and Johnson in their well-known textbook, Introduction to Health Physics, speak of how clay can adsorb the radionuclides, i.e., attract them and hold them on the surface of the clay. There may well be an attraction of clay minerals like bentonite for certain radionuclides, such that the radioactive isotopes are attracted to the clay minerals and are thus eliminated from the body via the colon.


     Apple pectin and grapefruit pectin are available as tablets or as a powder in natural food stores, and is available as a powder on the canning-supply aisles of grocery stores and hardware stores. Pectin is a fiber that occurs in other fruits and seeds as well and may trap many fats and toxins, as it is a "soft" fiber. Chemical/Biological WarFare: How You Can Survive, describes, on page 332, research showing that pectin can help trap radioactive isotopes and eliminate them from the body.

    Russian researcher Dr. A. A. Rubanovskaya, as reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, November 18, 1962, discovered that pectin can eliminate radiation from the body, especially strontium. She used sunflower seeds as her source of research on pectin. She found the pectin attracted and bound the radiation through the intestinal tract. We find you could use ordinary commercial pectin that is used to make jams and jellies. It does this by absorption, a quality of being assimilated; incorporation, within its matrix, and adsorption, the process whereby there is an adherence of atoms, ions, or molecules, or particles to the surface of another substance.


    Kelp is a variety of seaweed that has long been sold in health food stores as a source of iodine, both in powder and tablet form, and often times in the form of the actual kelp plant. Research has shown that many Japanese who were eating a lot of kelp as part of their diets already had their thyroid glands well-protected when the atomic bombs were dropped during World War II. However, kelp also may serve as a "binder" to help trap radioactive isotopes in the intestinal tract and carry them out of the body. This is described on page 333 of Chemical/Biological WarFare: How You Can Survive:

Medical World News, July 3, 1964, described kelp being tested in Canada at McGill University. It too acted as a binding component for removing radioactivity, as pectin, from the intestinal tract.


In Order To Maintain Safe Internal Radiological Environments

You Must Be Practiced In Thought Exercises  & Have The Substances On Hand

When FallOut Comes!


Your Water Supply!


    Water will be critical during this time. You can drink water if it has been covered during all this time. If it is in cupboards in the house, it should be safe to consume. Water outside; or even inside, uncovered during fallout should be suspect and not be consumed until purified.

    However, Here is when you need a sensitive Geiger Muller counter. For this type of operation, we recommend a Pancake Probe meter for testing for alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Be advised: Some waters naturally contain radioactive isotopes, such that it is not safe to drink, even though it is natural to the water!

    In certain places throughout the world, warnings are up about not drinking the radioactive water from fresh streams, icy mountain flows, and signs are up on a few beaches warning would be bathers not to bathe—the sand is too radioactive from natural background sources!


Inspector EXP

What To Do:


    Using the pancake probe, take the setting for Counts Per Minute, CPM, and take a background reading of the tap water; then your stored water. Do a timed–count for 12 hours before the radiation plume hits. One can do this now before the fallout cloud arrives in weeks, months, etc., as the Worsening Crisis mounts.

    Then, when the radioactive cloud does come, you have knowledge of the water you have stored, and from the tap; but, be warned, the reservoirs will be polluted from fallout for several weeks. Any water that is suspect and shows to be directly contaminated from the Pancake Probe studies compared to the background studies you have performed prior to the fallout raining down, must be purified.

    Distilling the water does not remove radioactive iodine.

    Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson H. Kearney, writes:

Filtering through earth removes essentially all of the fallout particles and more of the dissolved radioactive material than does boiling-water distillation, a generally impractical purification method that does not eliminate dangerous radioactive iodines. Earth filters are also more effective in removing radioactive iodines than are ordinary ion-exchange water softeners or charcoal filters. In areas of heavy fallout, about 99% of the radioactivity in water could be removed by filtering it through ordinary earth.

You can make an Expedient Filter this way:

1. Perforate the bottom of a 5-gallon can, a large bucket, a watertight wastebasket, or a similar container with about a dozen nail holes. Punch the holes from the bottom upward, staying within about 2 inches of the center.

2. Place a layer about 1&1/2 inches thick of washed pebbles or small stones on the bottom of the can. If pebbles are not available, twisted coat-hanger wires or small sticks can be used.

3. Cover the pebbles with one thickness of terrycloth towel, burlap sackcloth, or other quite porous cloth. Cut the cloth in a roughly circular shape about 3 inches larger than the diameter of the can.

4. Take soil containing some clay-almost any soil will do-from at least 4 inches below the surface of the ground. (Nearly all fallout particles remain near the surface except after deposition on sand or gravel.)

5. Pulverize the soil, then gently press it in layers over the cloth that covers the pebbles, so that the cloth is held snugly against the sides of the can. Do not use pure clay (not porous enough) or sand (too porous). The soil in the can should be 6 to 7 inches thick.

6. Completely cover the surface of the soil layer with one thickness of fabric as porous as a bath towel. This is to keep the soil from being eroded as water is poured into the filtering can. The cloth also will remove some of the particles from the water. A dozen small stones placed on the cloth near its edges will secure it adequately.

7. Support the filter can on rods or sticks placed across the top of a container that is larger in diameter than the filter can. (A dishpan will do.) The contaminated water should be poured into the filter can, preferably after allowing it to settle as described below. The filtered water should be disinfected by one of the previously described methods.




    This would entail using bleach and/or iodine; See Purifying Water, then run it through a charcoal filter.

    However, we first suggest to use the following flocculation methods to get rid of particulate matter; then, use the above method, or easier, the Katydyn



The Floc!


    If your pancake probe meter or your GM survey meter shows high readings of radiation, this tells us gamma radiation is present, and often, accompanying it are alpha and beta ionizating radiation. To remove very dangerous alpha emmiters, Polonium–210, –214–, –218 from water, do the following.

    The latter two are Radon 'daughters' which lodge in the tissues of the lung and send out a highly carcinogenic amount of alpha particles that can result in cancer. Keep this in mind if you're a smoker; or, get second hand smoke! We'll discuss this shortly.

    If your water is contaminated, from whatever source, then, using gloves, goggles and face mask, treat the water this way:

  1. Draw the water from a relatively clean supply; that is, water that has no algae, debris and the like floating in it.

  2. Pour through an old towel if water contains debris and is cloudy, to remove as much as possible the debris, mud and flotsam. When it filters through, do not touch it. Use a stick and bury the cloth and stick a foot down; cover throughly with the soil.

  3. Take the remaining filtered water, clear of surface debris, and stir in a half a cup of Aluminum Sulfate, Al2(S04)3 to a gallon of drawn water. Aluminum Sulfate is Alum! You can get it at a local hardware store.

  4. Make the solution more basic for more floc to form and much to settle to the bottom, by adding a two teaspoons of Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, which is lye. Be very careful with this. Add it slowly and stir gently. Do not add all at once as you could form an effervescent explosive mass that suddenly boils over!

  5. Stir very carefully not to splash any on you, the ground, or others. This is why you want goggles, face mask, and sturdy neoprene gloves. Then, let rest for 30 to 40 minutes. You will notice during this time, floccillation forming throughout and on top of the liquid in blobs of gell. Do not touch nor allow the children to poke sticks at it!

  6. After allowing it to settle for 30 to 40 minutes, to even an hour or more, pour off the top water carefully into a catch basin, leaving the settled parts. This necessitates a deep two gallon pail with strong sturdy handle. Pour off gently. Do not dump!

    This does not catch (remove) Strontium 90. The alum does remove other positive cations other than those of alkaline earths and alkali metals. It also removes much dissolved and non–dissolved debris.

  7. From here, pour the catch basin water carefully and slowly into the clay/soil filter above. Then, add the bleach to this filtered water, stir and let rest for an hour. Filter again through charcoal to remove the bleach taste and any impurities that may have gotten across; or, use your Katadyn.


    To remove the beta emitter, Strontium–90 from water, use lime (Calcium Oxide; CaO), and Washing Soda, Na2CaCO3. The degree of removal is dependent upon precipitating with Calcium Carbonate, formed from the reaction of the lime and soda. This is a softening of the water. Calcium Carbonate is also found in Dolomite, get the powder at your health food store, Egg Shell crushed up, Coral Calcium powder, and/or oyster shell crushed up to a powder.

    Follow the same as in the immediate above to form the floccillation, and continue as in the above to remove the floc and filtering mechanisms and purifying.

    Keep in mind that Strontium–90 is a bone seeker. Once inside the bones, cancer of the bone, leukemia, immune system depression can occur, especially leukemia.



Your Tobacco Habit!



    We speak of 'Risk' of getting cancer of one who smokes. No one can say absolutely, smokers get cancer. Hence, the risk of getting cancer for a smoker. However, there are non–smokers who do get lung cancer; there are smokers who tend to have a greater risk of getting lung cancer, but it does not mean they will get cancer of the lungs. And, there are smokers who never get lung cancer.

    However, a lot of this may be changing in another year or so for smokers. But first consider the following: The smoking industry has known for years and years that cigarettes are radioactive and as such, has tried to remove the radioactivity from them to no avail; so they finally gave up. They won't even broach the subject if it is brought up that their cigarettes are radioactive!

    Wayne Biddle, writing in A Field Guide To Radiation, says:
The presence of polonium–210 in tobacco leaves, and thus cigarette smoke, casts one of the most treacherous shadows across an industry that actively suppressed knowledge of smoking's dangers for decades.

In 1964 a research paper published in the journal Science reported the existence of polonium–210 in tobacco smoke. Smoking one and a half packs a day for thirty years would expose the lungs to as much radiation as three hundred chest X–RAYS a year, causing an estimated 1 percent of all lung cancers in the United States—or about 2,225 new cases in 2010. (Much of the excess cancer attributed to breathing RADON may in fact be due to polonium–210—smokers are killed by alpha radiation, wherever it comes from.)

The high–phosphate fertilizers that are used to grow tobacco contain radium–226, one of whose decay products is polonium–210, which is absorbed by plant roots and via fertilizer dust on leaves. The major tobacco companies tried for decades to remove or filter polonium–210, but gave it up as commercially infeasible.

According to a 2008 analysis in the American Journal of Public Health of internal corporate documents release in response to litigatgion, the companies followed a legal strategy whereby avoiding knowledge of biologically significant levels of polonium–210 in their products would allow them to ignore it as a possible cause of lung cancer. They thus stymied efforts by their own scientists to perform or publish further research on the subject, seeking to "avoid heightening the public's awareness of radioactivity in cigarettes."

Ignorance was bliss.

Polonium–210 is highly toxic, extremely radioactive (sixty–five thousand times more than PLUTONIUM–239), and easy to ingest.

    It appears with the increasing background radiation everywhere, from the earth, from medical waste and nuclear power plant waste, we are running out of places to store the stuff. You cannot get rid of the waste by neutralizing it. The only place to store it is in underground vaults of salt domes, man made, and in so–called 'leak' proof metal tanks, often submerged in water. The earthquake is what got the Fukushima's on-site stored nuclear wastes. It tore through the metal casings, tanks, and water, releasing the wastes underground; then, the Tsunami came in and finished off any containment, releasing it to the environment.

    If you smoke, with the increasing Background Radiation from man, that already from the earth, from foods, and certain waters, your best bet is to stop as soon as you can; start on 25,000 units of Vitamin A daily, 5,000 to 10,000 units of Vitamin D once per day, be on the thiols we have mentioned in this series, and get the above products (sodium alginate, bentonite, pectin, kelp) to rid the body of any radioactive particulate matter.

    More scientists are being dragged kicking and screaming from their cherished ideas that are opposite to the idea that There is no safe level of radiation, because we actually have nothing to judge background radiation from zero! There is no 'zero' anywhere on earth! If so, then, we could ascertain starting out with zero background radiation, how does it affect a life, compared to one who is exposed to radiation in jobs, such as nuclear power plant workers, nuclear submarine outfitters and refurbishing spent rods thereof, and those working with medical waste...There is no answer yet, as there is no zero background radiation position to judge from.



Do You Know This About Cancer Treatments?



About 50 percent of cancer patients are treated with radiation, in most cases receiving high doses of 40 to 60 Gray to a small region of the body, with the aim of killing cells.

Cervical cancer patients may receive doses as high as several hundred Gray, significantly increasing their risk for later cancers of the bladder, rectum, stomach, and vagina, and for leukemia.

For treatment of childhood cancers, the risk for developing a second cancer in the twenty–five years after diagnosis of the first is as high as 12 percent.

Of course, many patients who endure radiation therapy are not being treated with cures in mind,

but rather for palliative reasons.

A Field Guide To Radiation, Wayne Biddle; 2012



What You Can Do!



    If you have cancer, get a pancake meter first like the one discussed above. Test all foods from then on. Do not eat radioactive foods, as banana chips, nuts, especially Brazil nuts; avoid salt substitute (potassium––40; recall from the other two documents in this series), stop smoking or being around passive smoke immediately!

    Wayne Biddle Writes:

Milk in Little Rock, Arkansas, held iodine–131 at 8.9 picocuries per liter, nearly three times higher than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant level (3 picocuries per liter for persistent lifetime [seventy–year] exposure; the Food and Drug Administration limit is 4,700 picocuries per liter for a one–time exposure). Milk in Hilo, Hawaii, held 24 pCi/L of cesium–134, 19 of cesium–137, and 18 of iodine–131.

    Given this from 2012, you need to test your milk if you have cancer! And, it would not be a bad idea to do so if you didn't!

    If you live in a brick dwelling, get a test kit for Radon Gas for 3 to 4 days, and a longer one. At the end of the test period, send it in for an evaulation of your living quarters.

We know:

The health hazard from radon comes not from the radon itself but from inhaled dust particles that had adsorbed radioactive radon progeny on their surfaces.

Since the radioactive radon progeny are found on the surface of atmospheric particles and airborne particles are washed out of the atmosphere by rain, it is reasonable to expect increased background radiation during periods of rain.

Introduction To Health Physics, Cember & Johnson; 2009
And this...

We find lung cancer among a much higher proportion of cigarette smokers than among nonsmokers; and among smokers, lung cancer is seen in a greater proportion of heavy smokers than light smokers. Most cigarette smokers do not develop lung cancer, while some nonsmokers develop this disease.

Introduction To Health Physics, Cember & Johnson; 2009
This Too...

Radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking, causing 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States. About 2,900 of these deaths occur among people who have never smoked. While radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, it is the number one cause among non–smokers, according to EPA estimates. — See Here:
    Get on the substances above, if you smoke and/or have or had cancer, to help clear the body of any radioactive particulates that you may have come into contact with. Pectin, Sodium Alginate, Kelp, and Bentonite

    Be on the thiols, as alpha lipoic acid, reduced glutathione, N–acetyl cysteine, and aged garlic capsules! Get on Butter and Unrefined Coconut Oil. Do not eat out...do not eat polyunsaturated oils, such as vegetable oils, especially canola oil; do not ingest fish oil or any of its derivatives (EPA, DHA; omegas in general)

    If you live in the direct line of sight of a microwave tower pointed in your direction to another microwave tower . . . MOVE! They have been shown (and this is being kept quiet!) to be a promoter of cancer for those living directly in line of those microwaves. They form a wide band. See the series on EMFs on our Menu. We have reached the limit of human tolerances to man's ingenuities. The world will be covered with corpses!


If Radon Gas Becomes More of A Problem In The Immediate Future
And Announcements Are Made That An Average of Greater Than 0.148148 Bq/m3 of Radon gas is Now Present in Brick Homes and More In Basements, & You Do Not Know That In Curies

But Do Know Anything Above 4 pCi/L Is Bad!

Then...By Getting Cubic Meters (m3) to Liters,
Using The Chart Below Can Help You Figure It.

You Know 4pCi/L is a High Result if It Is Over This. Then, You Know To Ventilate The Dwelling Properly & The Crawl Space The Building Sits On

Or, Spend The Night Out–of–Doors In A Sleeping Bag
Until the Danger Passes!

Consider: 1cc = 1ml & 1m3 = 10+3L




These Things Are Not Taught Anymore!



Keep In Mind:

A Protective Mask (Gas Mask) Is For Noxious Gases

Not Radioactive Particulate Matter


To Protect Against Particulate Fallout Matter

Tape Several Layers of Kerlix Super Sponges Over

The Nasal Cannister



Kerlix Super Songes    Super Sponges


    Without doing the above with the sponges, during a fallout and using the gas mask only, the Radioactive Particulate Matter will collect in the cannister and constantly irradiate your face and possibly thyroid gland.




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